Balcony plants

We were given a rose plant as a wedding gift, which i think was a lovely idea – i like flowers, but it’s nice to have a plant that lasts. It is growing quite beautifully at the moment:

Roses for our balcony

I’m so glad i’ve taken photos of the Leucothoe Scarletta plant, otherwise i would not realise how dramatically it has changed colour through the seasons. This was in June, mostly green and yellow:

My favourite plant

At the end of July it was beginning to change colour:

Balcony plants

Now in October, it has become a beautiful deep red. Just look at it now!

Leucothoe Scarletta - deep red for Autumn


8 comments on “Balcony plants

  1. The Rose as a wedding gift is very beautiful and the smell of this plant is also very good.Leucothoe Scarletta plant is quite unique plant as it changes color over seasons and this makes it a good collection in plants.

  2. Wow.. My mom would love to have this plant in our balcony.. We also have different kinds of flowers displayed but this is something extraordinary for me.. I'd love to have one for my mom, too.. Where can I get one of these..??

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