Ubuntu – i'm a convert!

My gosh, all these rumours about Ubuntu being super-easy to use … they are absolutely entirely justified! You can colour me heartily impressed! I am, from today onwards, an Ubuntu user!

To start with, the live CD was fast and responsive. It had plenty of nice examples to show off its features. I was very happy that i could install right from within the live CD, and i could keep browsing the internet whilst it installed, which took a super-speedy 10 minutes.

Installing Nvidia graphics card drivers was as simple as ticking on an option under proprietary drivers. It already found the right driver for me, and alerted me that it was available to use if i wanted it. It worked straight away, and i was immediately blessed with some nice subtle visual effects.

All ‘root access’ stuff has been completely hidden from the end user. Before i change any system settings it asks me for my password to authorise, not the root password. What a good idea.

Installing a Flash player worked right from within Firefox. It popped up the message box “Install missing plugins” and there were actually three options for me to choose. I’ve never seen even one appear under Linux before! I chose one called ‘Gnash’ which was probably the wrong option, because it doesn’t yet work for Youtube, but i’m sure i’ll figure out a good one.

Ubuntu comes with Firefox, Evolution, OpenOffice, Pidgin, the Gimp, F-Spot photo manager, a whole stack of games, Movie player, Rhythm box, Sound Juicer … and a totally awesome Add/Remove Applications.

It has some beautiful themes, and very impressive screen savers.

I think i was worried about losing geek credibility if i switched to Ubuntu. Now i don’t care. Right now i need something that Just Works. It’s still Linux, but really, really nice Linux! :D


3 comments on “Ubuntu – i'm a convert!

  1. Debian is a good system for anything to be based on. However, for desktop use, Ubuntu seems to have been Debian changed to fit the user. Pretty much all the configuration work is done for you and it works straight out the box.

    I had a few problems with Intrepid, but then again it is the development release, so problems are to be expected. :)

  2. I just found out about Dreamlinux today – based on Debian but tweaked to look and feel like Mac OSX. I think i might give that a try too! :)

  3. Yeah, Ubuntu is just brilliant, isn’t it?
    I recognize and agree with so many of the points your wrote above…

    I’m also a convert, after having used and liked SuSE for about 7 years.
    Up until version 10.0 and 10.2 screwed up my machine last year, to the point I had to use a Swedish Windows to restore my MBR.

    Now I just love Ubuntu (8.04 LTS).

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