Ahh, Friday! :)

I’m happy it is Friday. Lately Fridays seem to have been coming around about every 3 days, but this week felt a lot longer.

It was my turn as ‘sweeper’ at work, meaning i pick up the extra little things that need doing, to avoid disturbing the rest of the team. It means that i had a much more varied week, with little odd things here and there. I had quite a varied week out of work too, so i guess all these things made the week feel longer.

I have re-designed and re-launched a website for a friend of mine who owns a business in Winchester: The Medical Aesthetic Clinic. Cathy is going for customer service award, so we’re updating the site with more information, pictures and testimonials in anticipation. It’s quite exciting.

Last night i went to a WinACC meeting as a follow-on the Low Carbon Champions initiative. Tomorrow i’ll be meeting a new-found friend to discuss what we shall do together as Low Carbon Champions in spreading the message to our friends, families, neighbours and associates. It’s quite exciting.

But for tonight i’m going to put it all on hold and take time to relax. I have a pasta bake in the oven, and the plan for tonight is Eastenders, Little Britain USA and Ugly Betty! :)

Happy Weekend, everybody!


3 comments on “Ahh, Friday! :)

  1. If I liked Leage of Gentlemen, would I like Little Britain? Apparently the former opened the door for the latter. We don’t get HBO, so I can’t watch Little Britain USA, and someone GG met once gave him some Little Britain DVDs but they don’t work in our DVD player :o(

    Speaking of TV – Heroes!! How exciting that they’re showing it almost concurrently in the US and UK! (But we’re still a couple weeks ahead, I think, so you probably shouldn’t read my blog too closely.)

  2. Oh, i am really enjoying the new Heroes! I didn’t think much of Season 2 but this Season 3 is really kicking off and i’ve only seen the first two episodes!

    I know, i keep almost reading things on your blog but stopping myself. Still, i’m very glad we’re not too far behind you this time! :)

  3. This season definitely feels faster-paced than 1 and 2. I mean, first episode, look what happened right away – they thing they spent all of season 1 trying to prevent. Season 2 was kind of weird because of the writer’s strike – they knew it was going to happen, so they did away with some of the things they wanted to do and wrapped up the stories too quickly.

    Also, I can spell “League,” duh.

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