Two exciting things might happen today. One, i might go to church, if i don’t chicken out! I just feel like i want to. So i will! I can always leave if they start trying to pull any funny business on me.

Two, i might buy one of these little beauties:

Acer Aspire One A110 Acer Aspire One A110

Acer Aspire One A110. It’s a gorgeous, tiny little netbook, comes with a special lightweight, fast response, low power consumption version of Linux, plus Firefox, OpenOffice and a chat utility. It’s big strength (as far as i’m concerned) is the ability to find and use wireless networks. Useful for travelling! We have wireless at home now but i haven’t yet managed to make my computer recognise it.

I feel this would be a perfect solution to when i come home at night and just want to check emails and browse the Internet a little bit. It’s a waste of electricity to turn on the big computer and leave it on all evening. It would be great to have one of these that i can use from the living room, just turn it on briefly when i want it.

All reviews are very good – display is good, keyboard is a good size, it’s very quiet, style-wise it looks awesome! The only negative point anyone had to say was the battery life is only 3 hours. But that sounds sufficient for me. I had a go on one in town yesterday and i was impressed. I love the idea of taking it away with me, using it on the train, and at my parents house.

I was initally attracted to the Eee PC, which was great in its day – cheap, fast, light, portable. But competition is a wonderful thing. The Eee PC burst their own bubble by releasing a much better version but pricing it much higher. As soon as i saw the 900 series i no longer wanted a 700, but i didn’t feel the price justified the larger screen.

I have also been tempted by the Advent 4211, but after i had a go on it, i found that two of the keys were too close together. Plus it’s Windows by default. The most exciting thing about the Eee PC initally was that it came with Linux. So does the Acer Aspire! :)

At £199 i definitely think this is worth the money. Okay, i could get it on Amazon for £4 cheaper … but i think i might just spend that extra £4 and get it today! :) So long as they have the seashell white … then it satisfies my mac envy too! :D

In my mind, these events have become strongly linked. Go to church, then buy an Acer Aspire A110. Well – there’s motivation for me!


2 comments on “Aspirations

  1. I've got one of these and its a cracking little machine. I bought an aftermarket battery which has a much higher capacity.Also the standard battery went kaput a few weeks ago, but it was replaced free of charge by Acer – good service I think!

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