My glorious netbook!

I must say, this is one of the best impulse buys i have ever made! I am at my aunt and uncle’s house, connected on their wifi. It is so nice to have my own computer, with all my settings, and my email and calendar, just ready to take around with me wherever i go. It picks up wireless networks effortlessly.

I had a nice evening with my cousins, playing with their gogos and reading stories. My plan for the rest of the evening is to write a few blog posts, watch Heroes on the iPlayer, and maybe read a bit of “The Pragmatic Programmer” which i’m intending to finish by the end of the month.

Church was quite fun on Sunday. There was over an hour of singing and worship at the beginning – wonderful for me! :D It felt good to be in an environment where i could contemplate God much more than i have done for a long time. I had a nice chat with a few people, and i was impressed by how many people there were of all ages – loads of kids, some young people, teenagers, young parents, middle aged and elderly people. There was also a nice diversity of nationalities represented there … though about half of them are South African! :)

I even went to a home group last night. It was convenient – just across the road from me. If nothing else, it feels good to be getting to know a few more people locally. They were friendly and tolerated my questions. They answered from their hearts, thinking about what was true for them, rather than giving me any standard drilled-in “Christian” answers. I admire that. I shall probably go again, both to the church and to the homegroup. It seems a good time in my life to be getting involved with a church again. Whether or not i will call myself a Christian remains to be seen. I might just be an agnostic who goes to church!

The thing that got me was this: okay so maybe there are many routes to God. Maybe every religion has something to offer. But that doesn’t mean i shouldn’t follow any religion. If i find one religion particularly beneficial, by all means i should follow it. I like many aspects of many religions, but after all, Christianity still feels the most comfortable to me, since it’s what i’m used to. Yes, i have my problems with a few of its followers – the ones with the more extreme beliefs – but in its essence, Christianity itself is not such a bad religion.

And then i thought – What if it’s all true? Obviously i can’t make myself believe something, but maybe if i hang around with these people for a while, if i go to church and take part in the worship and the customs … perhaps i’ll learn to lose some of my doubts, and let it sink in a bit. Maybe then it will become true for me personally, and maybe i’ll find my peace with God. We’ll see.


2 comments on “My glorious netbook!

  1. I’ve certainly found I make more progress in my spiritual life (whatever progress means in that context, but let’s not go there right now) when I follow one tradition consistently. Even if other traditions are ultimately paths to the same truth (which I think they probably are), I’m not going to get to that ultimate truth myself unless I pick one path and start putting one foot in front of another. Otherwise, I’m going to be like someone trying to get to the top of a hill, but never getting out of the carpark at the bottom because all the trails look equally inviting.

  2. That is a wonderful analogy and an incredibly wise thing to say.
    I’m really pleased that you replied here, Liz, because i have been thinking of you a lot during my spiritual searching recently.

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