Stuff and Things

I guess i won’t be doing NaBloPoMo then, haha! National Blog Posting Month, make a blog post every day for the whole of November. Presumably for those of us who can’t be arsed to write a novel! I did vaguely think about doing the blog posting, but here it’s the 4th of November before i get around to making my first post of this month! Never mind, hey!

I have been thinking in some detail about my spirituality and what i wish to gain from attending a church. I have come to the conclusion that, for an agnostic, i have a surprising number of beliefs and opinions about God, religion and spirituality. I have also decided that i have absolutely no need to share them with anyone. I don’t need to explain myself to anybody, nor try to convince anybody to believe the same things as i do. I can happily attend a church to enjoy the music and the fellowship. I can smile and nod when people are sharing their beliefs with me. So long as they are not hurting anybody, i shall have no need to contradict them or disagree with them. I think this is the best way to play this game. We can all get along and nobody need feel offended.

Songbird 1.0 (release candidate 1) is available for testing!!! (just thought i’d throw that in there!)

I shall not be staying up until stupid o’clock to find out the result of the election. I’m sure i will not be able to escape from hearing the result the moment i awake tomorrow morning. Let me just say that, whatever the outcome, i hope that it turns out to be the very best thing for America and indeed, the world. For now, i have taken my sleeping tablet so … nighty night! :)