Getting better now

I have been ill with the flu since Wednesday afternoon, which may explain why i’ve not been online lately … i could barely stay awake for more than a few hours at a time! I am on the mend now. Last night i woke up at about 11pm with my body about a trillion degrees, and i believe at that point the war was over. The virus died and now we’re in the mop up phase where my lovely white blood cells go round and repair all the damage done by the virus over the last few days.

My body is most definitely made of WIN! :D

I have just watched Death of a School Friend on the iPlayer. It’s a devastating and moving documentary about a teenage suicide and the impact of friends and family even 40 years later. I’m not ashamed to say that i cried throughout most of the programme.

I hope i might be able to go and see the Winchester Fireworks this evening. It’s always a stunning display, and having stayed indoors for 3 days i feel i’d like to get out. Provided it is not raining, and i don’t feel too tired, i will probably go. I am also hoping to get to church tomorrow morning. I missed it last week when i was away with my family.


3 comments on “Getting better now

  1. Well I’ll warn you now.
    It might rain. I was in earlier, and it was chucking it down.

    But you might get lucky.
    Great Blog btw.

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