Kind of FAIL, actually.

Yesterday i said my body was made of WIN. That is only partially true. Having successfully fought off the flu virus, i seem to have now caught a cold.

Okay, immune system, let’s put that down to a brief lack of concentration, shall we? Now will you please stop moping and get on and fix it?!

A cold is preferable to the flu because at least my muscles are not aching and i am not needing to sleep all the time. But this is still a DO NOT WANT! situation, and unfortunately my immune system seems to have decided it is bored of fighting germs and it’s just going to let this cold have its way.

Time for another dose of Echinacea.


2 comments on “Kind of FAIL, actually.

  1. Your really unlucky.
    Perhaps investing in hiring some Goons (White Blood Cells) to help defend you would be a good idea? :P

  2. I’m normally really healthy! I think my system just had a bad week!
    Good idea! Where do i go to recruit some extra white blood cells, since mine seem to have given up?

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