For Kapitano:


Kapitano, vi estas prava: ni ne povas havi lolkatojn esperante. Tio ne funkciias ĉar esperanto estas tro simpla por malparoli! Do la lolkato perdas lian humoron.

LOLCATS will never work in Esperanto. Firstly the spelling is entirely phonetic, so you can’t mis-spell things or use homophones. There are no double letters so no chance of a spelling mistake by dropping a letter. Also, you can’t use humorously wrong verb forms because all verbs are perfectly regular. If you tried to get it wrong you’d be saying a different word. There is no humour in it.

Better just enjoy the original then! :)


My mystery UFO

Alright, can anyone explain this to me …

I’ve seen these for sale at the Hawkins Bazaar in Winchester. They refuse to open the box, and the staff all claim they don’t know how it works. In any case, i found out that even if you do open the box there are no instructions; just a password that you can enter on a site to get the information. There must be something they are hiding.

There was a Yahoo! Answers question asked: “How does My Mystery Ufo toy work?” … it has been deleted.

My curiosity wants to know what this is all about, but i’m almost certain i’ll be disappointed.

Update: Oh wait, i think i’ve got it. They wave their hands around it, but they don’t wave a hand straight over the top. I think i have an idea what’s going on. Yup, glad i didn’t buy one!