How to get off Facebook

Many thanks to this article: How do I delete my Facebook account? … personally i am of the opinion that it should be easy to remove yourself from any website, whenever you like, with no questions asked. I believe that cultivates trust in the site. Facebook make it extremely difficult, but it’s nice to know it can be done.

I’m not yet sure whether i’m going to do it. I don’t really use Facebook at all, and it’s always nice to simplify my life a little bit by removing unnecessary things. Besides, you never know what they’re secretly doing with all your personal data. I recently removed myself from LinkedIn and felt a huge relief for doing it.


28 comments on “How to get off Facebook

  1. I joined BTPodshow a few years ago. There is no way to get off it! The same goes for DeviantArt, which is a real shame.

    Even now when I search for my site on Google, it still comes up with stuff I want to get rid of. :(

  2. Yes, it is really rubbish of sites to not let you destroy your account if you want to. I also don’t really understand why they’re so anxious not to let you go. You created that information; you should be able to remove it too.

  3. I believe it’s actually a low, that if you provide information to a company, that they have to use it for specific purposes, and that you have the right to choose to have it removed if you so wish.

    One of the data protection acts I believe.

  4. Yes, my husband thought the same thing. Maybe if you cause a fuss, the site is obliged to purge you … but it doesn’t mean they have to make it easy for you to remove yourself.

  5. Very true.

    However, i agree that it should always be an available option, and it should be immediate.

  6. I can actually see this becoming quite a hot topic as people get over the Web 2.0 phenomenon and suddenly realise that they’ve left their data trail all over the internet and suddenly want to get rid of it.

    That sounds quite prophetic, doesn’t it?! ;)

  7. if you are on facebook you are, pretty much, immortal, don’t forget that. And yes Aimee, this is a HOT topic indeed!! check out the group ‘things you didn’t know about facebook’, on facebook CHECK OUT :-)

  8. I use facebook a lot, but I'm thinking of deleting my account cause I go on it too much.

  9. could you please let me know if you got off facebook and how to do it? I really want to delete my account, but am not too puter savvy and dont know what to do.Thank you

  10. I just wish I could remove my eldest daughter from Facebook. It think it would take major surgery. I want my computer back!

  11. So how do you get your profile off of Facebook? I'm serious. Someone I really do not like told me that they we approached through Facebook to be my “friend”. I've not asked anyone to be my “friend” on this thing. I have a life. If you know how to get off of Facebook would you please tell me? I've looked and there doesn't seem to be any easy way. Got along withoutcha before I metcha, gonna get along without you now. Thanks,

  12. I join facebook on 2008 for networking, and now I feel the facebook apps is quite disturbing, so many apps invite or etc that I don't like and consider as spam. I have to block the apps manually.Is there any way to disable all the apps ?

  13. My friend wanted to get off from facebook recently. I think his decision has some problem. I have found facebook very interesting. Any ways I will inform him about this process.

  14. Great post! I agree I am sick of the whole Facebook era, and don't do it either. There's something so unsettling about all these people posting fake versions of only the great parts of their lives. Its so not reality. I read an amazing article recently about it saying how everybody's facebook page is a fake only positive reality of themselves that they want the world to see so everyone looks at their amazing lives and tries to strive to be better than them i.e. have more pictures up, take more travels than they have, constantly competing with dozens of other profiles in an unhealthy loop. People are so addicted to it that they spend all their time online in a fake reality rather than actually calling up their friends or getting together to do something real, in the real world.

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