What a nice afternoon!

I managed to drag myself away from my computers this afternoon and have a lovely time outside.

First i went to visit this space of land that the WinACC local food group are hoping to renovate and turn into a city farm. I got these two lovely ducks on camera … they thought i had food for them. No such luck, heh!

Mallard duck Mallard drake

I’ll go back again soon and take some more photos of the area of land. If we go ahead with the transformation, it’ll be really good to keep a photo blog! But today i didn’t stay long because i was off to visit some friends and see the Christmas market. It was the first weekend, so it was predictably extremely busy, but again such a lovely atmosphere. The bells of the cathedral were ringing, there was carol singing, the crafts on offer were so beautiful and creative. We had mince pies and mulled wine! :)

This is without a doubt my favourite picture of the day:

Christmas market hut

Is that not just beautiful? Here are some other pictures of gorgeous lovely Winchester today …

Christmas market Skating in Cathedral Close Busy christmas market Christmas market and the cathedral Christmas shopping in Winchester Christmas tree

There’s more on Flickr.


5 comments on “What a nice afternoon!

  1. Reminds me of being in Germany however at least you don’t have to fumble around with Euro coins and struggle with the language barrier.

  2. Duck pictures are usually one of the best kinds, in my opinion.

    I was actually there for some of it, yesterday. Not much of a Christmas person myself, damn crowds.

  3. thank you! these are wonderful photos. i’m not much for participating in christmas, but i like to *look* at it. and ducks are always fun!

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