Christmas cards: DONE!

Wow, what a relief! I finished writing my Christmas cards at 18:30 this evening. I am so glad of the idea to print labels. Thanks to Rails, CouchDB and my pdf_label_maker library, it was much easier than usual. I just sat down and forced myself to get through them all, pausing only once to take a photo:

Half way through

Note the chocolate, ruler and calculator, heheh! I actually bought some cheapo labels from the £1 shop … they weren’t even on an A4 sheet, which meant i had to do quite a lot of measuring and trial and error. But i’m so pleased with the result – they look so neat, as opposed to my handwriting which gets terrible whenever i have to write a lot in one go.

Christmas cards: DONE!

Yes, i actually did write a Christmas card to topfunky! ;)

The best thing is … if i keep the database updated during the year, i can print them all out again next year! I’m definitely going to keep developing it, and learning more about CouchDB on Rails in the process.


16 comments on “Christmas cards: DONE!

  1. Well you’re in luck because i posted it today! I had to spend about half an hour in a queue at the post office just to get my 81p stamp! ;)

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  3. Yes these Christmas Cards are something which you cannot do without and takes something to maintain the process year to year, the database of recipients etc..

  4. Yup, and it was a perfect reason to do something useful with CouchDB! :) I'm still using it in fact as my main address book now.

  5. Well xmas is over now, but easter is right around the corner. My favorite part of this pic is the calculator – you really mean business! I wish i was this enthusiastic with my cards, they probably wouldnt take weeks to complete!!!!

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