Nearly ready for the holiday

Today i have posted Christmas cards, been to church, had a lovely lunch at church, read about Iterator and Mediator in Design Patterns, had a little nap, gone out with my sweetie to the final day of the Christmas market, gone shopping for a few things for when we come back from holiday … and now i am back in my bed trying to relax a little before it’s time to make dinner! A friend is going to phone me soon, i think.

Tomorrow i need to finish reading Design Patterns, wrap Christmas presents, pack my suitcase, and generally prepare myself for the holiday. On Tuesday we travel to Germany for a few days. I’m very much looking forward to seeing a good German Christmas market because it’s been a few years since i went to one.

After a short stay in Germany we’ll be going to De Panne in Belgium, for a nice peaceful Christmas in a cottage by the sea. Should be absolutely wonderful! I will most certainly be taking my netbook with me. I’ve got a socket adapter so i can keep it charged up. Even if i can’t get Internet access, i certainly hope to do a bit of work on MyChores over the holiday.

This may be my last post of the year, so … happy holidays to everybody! I wish you all love, peace and happiness, and very best wishes for a wonderful year 2009.


7 comments on “Nearly ready for the holiday

  1. have a lovely holiday. it sounds like you have a wonderful one planned. a christmas in a cottage by the sea sounds like the perfect 1st christmas for starting off married life as well as possibly the start of a great tradition. enjoy!

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