So long, 2008

Approximately a year ago, you may have wished me a happy 2008. If you did, thank you! I had a pretty awesome year!

Reading back in my blog, it feels like a long year. In fact, i noticed a stark contrast between the two halves of the year, pivoting on the moment i got my new job. I was amazed by how much of a difference it made in my perception: the first half of the year feels much longer than a year ago, but everything since my new job feels very recent. Yet the two halves are separated by just one weekend! I also noticed how many more blog posts i made in the earlier half of the year compared to the latter.

So it’s new year’s eve again, the time when i get all retrospective and nostalgic. I actually quite like staying in on new year’s eve and blogging. Here is a summary of the year.

High points

  1. I got married! It was something we’d been meaning to do for ages, and i’m so happy that we finally got around to it in August this year, and had such a wonderful day!
  2. I have learnt such a lot this year. I went on a C# course early in the year, and since starting my new job and going to RailsConf, i have learnt so much more about Ruby, Rails, Rspec, Cucumber, Git, CouchDB, JavaScript and Prototype. Awesome!
  3. I rekindled my Christian faith to the point that i can now call myself a Christian, and be happy to attend a church. I have been searching spiritually for such a long time, but it took me a long time to get here. There were no shortcuts.
  4. I have read some fascinating scientific books about the universe, cosmology, higher dimensions, parallel universes, and i’m continuing to enjoy everything that the library has to offer on these subjects!
  5. MyChores went open source and received its first code contribution from someone other than me! The site has grown from 676 people at the beginning of the year to 2,335 people at this present moment. MyChores can switch between UK/US English, and has begun to be translated into Portuguese and Esperanto. Somebody even created a MyChores fan group on Facebook!
  6. My social life has improved, with friends at church plus my home group, plus WinACC, plus Winchester Web Scene which promises to grow into something very exciting, plus just yesterday i helped to form Bi Wessex, a social group for bisexual people in and around Winchester. Getting to know more people locally was one of my big intentions around this time last year.

Low points

  1. My sweet, adorable hamster being very ill and passing away earlier in the year. Rest in peace, dear Suzie.
  2. My brother’s illness which broke my heart and sometimes threatens to do so again. It is not all such a bad thing though, because it means we have seen more of each other this year than we would have done otherwise, and we have reaffirmed our very strong bond of love for each other.
  3. My heavy flu, followed by my body’s EPIC FAIL when it was too exhausted to deal with a minor cold.
  4. The great MyChores blackout of April 2008! We can laugh now, but it was a serious mistake by HostingRails, and they did not deal with it at all well. This month we were subject to another major problem, and HostingRails were again spectacularly unhelpful in sorting it out. I will be very unlikely to stay with them after the billing cycle ends.

Plans for 2009

More of the same, really! 2008 was an extremely good year for me; probably the best of this decade. 2004 was very good, but it also had some very bad times. Yeah, i should say that 2008 was the best so far for me, and i plan to continue the trend.

I look forward to seeing what happens with the Bi Wessex social group. It all depends on who joins, really. I’d also like to attend some more bi events next year, such as the Bi Coffee London group, plus i would love to get to BiCon next year and hopefully a BiFest or two.

I’m still hoping to get more involved in music. I have continued to be blessed by my cousin whom i am teaching piano and who is doing fantastically well … but i’d still like to be part of a music group. With any luck i’ll be allowed to join the church band and play with them from time to time. They have a very good band and play great music.

So … here’s to 2009! May it be an even better year for us all. I now have to go and drop some molten lead into cold water. It’s a German new year’s eve tradition!

See you next year! xxx


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