New Week's Resolution

I don’t do new year’s resolutions. For me, a year is too long a time. I do, however, always try to do something for Lent, and occasionally i make new week’s resolutions, which usually last just from Monday to Friday.

This week i am following a resolution that i was inspired to make after reading Nye’s Top tips for a tidy home. It is full of many excellent tips, but the part i really liked was this:

You’ve had a really hard day at work and you’re tired. Wait! Don’t sit down on the sofa, no matter how tempting it is. Do a couple of chores first and then sit down. Give yourself a pat on the back!

It is true, when i come home from work i am only mentally tired. It seems to work really well to balance that with some physical exercise that doesn’t require much brain power. This week i have aimed to do two chores, but ended up doing more because i found i actually had quite a lot of energy to use up.

Contrast that with my previous technique which was to put things off until after washing up, forgetting that i often don’t get round to washing up until 10pm, and if there is a lot of washing up to do, i don’t feel like doing chores afterwards at all. Meaning that i ended up doing most of my chores on a Sunday afternoon!

So thank you, Nye, your advice really seems to work well, and i hope that this will become a habit that lasts for more than just a week! :)

In other news, i just lol’d at this picture found on urban dictionary … what’s the opposite of ‘pro’?

What's the opposite of 'pro'? Clearly 'n00b'!

The teacher is a total n00b not to know that the opposite of ‘pro’ is blatantly ‘n00b’!


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