Windows 7 direct download

Like half the world, i have been trying to download Windows 7 tonight. I might have found a legitimate link, thanks to @benhedrington – i clicked this and it started downloading something. It obviously comes from and it begins with the number 7000, which i suppose is a good sign. (2.4GB)

Update: Steve Clayton corroborates this link, and also provides a 64-bit link: (3.2GB)

Possibly downloading Windows 7

Let’s hope it’s the right thing, hey!

I think we also need an activation key, otherwise it will only work for 30 days. I managed to submit my email address on the technet beta program signup, so hopefully they will send me one.


12 comments on “Windows 7 direct download

  1. Thanks for clearing that up about Photobucket. I believe that teamwork between Adobe and companies working with the Adobe technologies is a great idea. But that still leaves the undocumented APIs as a concern.

  2. Haha, downloading Windows 7 from Ubuntu ? I hope I am not wrong but I think this is Human Theme from ubuntu ? Anyways, the link is dead because now Microsoft is done with providing beta versions. I don't think I've the hardware for a smooth Windows 7. Btw you being a ubuntu user, have you tried Linux Mint 7?

  3. Hi Lola, thanks for the explanations for Facebook. I think i may grow to like it. The rumour that it is being bought by Microsoft is apparently a load of rubbish. Which reassures me.

  4. I have examined live examples of Viral Inviter, rather than the code itself, but it would be easy to hack changes on any compromised site, it is just an iframe of an insecure php page that contains a form.

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