A beautiful new theme!

Whenever i upgrade WordPress i am usually so impressed with the elegance of the admin area that i tend to feel it’s time to change the front end theme.

To that end, i have said goodbye to the theme i had with WordPress 2.5 …

Wordpress 2.5

And welcome to my new theme for WordPress 2.7 …

Wordpress 2.7

It is the WPTD Green Theme 1 found on freewpthemes.info.

I have also downloaded a couple of new plugins, most notably the very nice WP-Syntax plugin for displaying code nicely. An example is my tutorial about attachments with CouchDB on Rails.


So beautiful! Of course i spent the entire last night tagging every piece of code in my blog with the correct language attribute so that it could be displayed with pretty syntax highlighting!

This morning i reinstated my blog as an OpenID URL, using the MyOpenID plugin. Previously i had hardcoded the meta lines into the theme, but it makes more sense to use a plugin. I am also trying out the Twitter for WordPress plugin but i don’t like the way it works. I prefer it to update via JavaScript. Maybe i’ll find another plugin, or write my own.

There is another simple plugin that i’m intending to write, but i’ll make another blog post about that when i’ve done it! :D

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5 comments on “A beautiful new theme!

  1. Hey thanks! :) Calm and relaxing has always been my theme for this blog! :)

    I can’t remember how i made that Flickr widget. I think it was somewhere on the Flickr site itself, but i cannot find it now. It’s quite easy when you find the right place to do it!

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