GeoURL – a new WordPress plugin

Whoops, it’s another late night, but … i just wrote a WordPress plugin!

Every time i change my theme i hardcode in the meta tags for GeoURL to detect my location. GeoURL is then able to find other sites that are geographically nearby. It gives me a little button link to use, like this:


The way this works is very simple: just poking these meta tags into the header of my blog page:

Note, that is not *exactly* where i live – it is just somewhere random near the centre of Winchester!

I thought there must be an easier way than hardcoding the meta tags into the theme. I had a look but didn’t find a plugin for it, so i made one myself! :) It allows you to easily add your location coordinates and ping the GeoURL server. Pretty simple, but i’ll find it useful. It’s already working on my own blog and once i get a subversion repository from WordPress, i’ll upload it for sharing! :)


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