GeoURL WordPress plugin now available!

My plugin got approved, and it is available for download here: GeoURL WordPress plugin.

Apparently it has had 18 downloads already. Okay, one of them was me, just testing it zipped up correctly, but even so … have i helped 17 blogs to become GeoURL enabled?! :)

I wish there was a way to tell who has installed it … would be lovely to see it in action for other people!

In other news, Twitter has been so thrilled by the UK snow that the hashtag #uksnow has been at the top of the trending topics all afternoon! It’s quite fun to watch and see the tweets fly in from around the UK. People are giving marks out of ten for their area, and posting pictures of good snow scenes! :)

We don’t get good snow very often in the UK, and we are predicted 15cm by the morning! That will require wellies to walk to work!! It’s the heaviest snowfall in 6 years apparently, so you can understand why we’re all so excited!


6 comments on “GeoURL WordPress plugin now available!

  1. I installed it on my site and works good. By the way, is there any other way where it will be displayed in my site a map about my present location?

  2. Fantastic Dex, thanks for letting me know!

    Mmm, i’d like to allow a widget for at least linking to your page on and maybe pull in other nearby site links for you. A map should be possible … i’ll look into it!

    Thanks for the feedback! :D

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