Twitter: you're doing it right!

Some days Twitter can be such a buzz! What you get out of it is closely correlated to what you put into it, in my experience.

  • You’re @replying to multiple people having multiple conversations simultaneously.
  • You’re sending direct message to someone to arrange a meetup.
  • You’re following a trending topic on and participating using the hashtag.
  • You look at pictures related to the trending topic and make comments on TwitPic.
  • You make a blog post, add a link on Delicious, make a comment on 43Things, tick off a task on MyChores, it all gets updated on Twitter.
  • You catch onto a meme and help spread it and promote the mashup.

All these things and more have happened to me today! My tweeting activity has earned me 6 new followers, and i started following 2 new people.

In this case the trending topic is #uksnow, and the mashup is Make a tweet like this to register your postcode and marks out of ten for snow fall. The map will update automatically!

#uksnow SO23 2/10

The only thing i didn’t do today is re-tweet anybody. I still haven’t got the hang of re-tweeting. I briefly used Twitterfox which made it easy, but i still prefer to go directly to for instant results!


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