Phone broken!

My phone broke last night. It’s a software error, i’m pretty sure. The buttons stopped responding, a few at a time, except for when they bring up the missed calls screen. I took it apart to try and clean it, but that didn’t help. I left it overnight in hope that it would “fix itself” but it did not.

Funny, it’s just after my insurance expired and i didn’t renew it. It must KNOW!! Or perhaps the insurance company sent it a virus because i didn’t renew! (I am joking, i don’t think they’d really do that!)

So i’ll get a new phone. But do i get a nice cheap pay-as-you-go from Argos, or maybe look for something different? I like Virgin PAYG because it suits my phone usage (mainly text messages) – i just top up £10 every couple of months. Most of my family are on Virgin which means 3p text messages.

What is a Skype phone? Free calls sounds awesome, but what about text messaging?

Alternatively, maybe i should spend a bit more money and get something more advanced. Mobile internet (with wifi) would be great, but an iPhone seems rather expensive to me. I have been waiting for more phones to come out with the Google Android operating system, but i think there’s still just the one at the moment, and it’s only on T-Mobile.

Any help/advice will be appreciated!


5 comments on “Phone broken!

  1. I got a new phone recently, and I moved network as well. Orange have a great deal with their Dolphin Plan. 300 free texts when you top up, plus you get the “Orange Wednesdays” option as well.

  2. I have a Samsung C300, for 14.50 pounds.It's cheap, simple and does nothing more than i needed it to.It is pay as you go, but you need to use up those texts within the month, which is the only problem.

  3. the microphone on my sony ericsson z520i, when u ring someone they cant hear you, and its a bit hard for you to hear them, how do i fix itwriteback please

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