It's a project!

Reading the book, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, has helped me to understand why “Clean kitchen cupboards” has been overdue on MyChores for over a year. The reason is: it’s not a task; it’s a project!

As a project, it cannot all be done in one go. You have to get everything out of the cupboard you want to clean, and leave it out preferably overnight to ensure the cupboard dries properly before you put things back in again. There isn’t space to have everything out of the cupboards at the same time – so you have to do just one or two at a time.

With this in mind i got some sticky notes and stuck them to the cupboards which most pressingly need cleaning!


We then set about to give each cupboard a name: “pots and pans cupboard”, “cups and glasses cupboard”, “crockery cupboard”, “dry ingredients cupboard” … it was quite fun analysing the contents of each cupboard and wondering how and why we had chosen each for its purpose.

We deleted the overdue task from MyChores and created 11 new tasks in its place. We then cleaned two of the cupboards together last week.

Cleaning the cupboards

We had planned to do two cupboards a day and get them all clean within the week. Unfortunately we’ve had such a busy week, it just didn’t happen. So now i have rescheduled them to do two a week and get them finished by the end of March. This also means that when the tasks recur on a 6-monthly basis, it will never feel like such a big job again.

I hope this post might encourage other people facing daunting tasks, to break them down into a smaller manageable size, and plan to do them at a schedule that you can reasonably manage.

6 comments on “It's a project!

  1. brilliant! that's what happens to me. i don't break things down. i have one task CLEAN THE APARTMENT … that's what it feels like anyway. then i get overwhelmed. then i freeze and go out for a coffee for the rest of the afternoon. i will try this. it will probably help at work too! thanks once again for the inspiration.

  2. I'm glad you appreciate it. I sometimes feel a bit silly that i'm actually so bad at this MyChores lark, when i made it! But i think it benefits me to be honest about finding things difficult. If it can help others too, then that's a good thing!

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