Leaving Things Undone

I’m exercising a bit of LTU tonight – Leaving Things Undone. I really think it’s beneficial – perhaps even necessary – to spend time deliberately relaxing. Last week i had such a busy time at work, and i had commitments every evening, and at the weekend too. I think i really overdid it, and it has been taking its toll on me the last few days.

So long as i have recorded somewhere what still needs to be done, i don’t need to worry about it. It’s incredibly reassuring to think, “There is nothing i have to do right now.” There are plenty of things that i could do, but i am not obliged to do any of them. With any luck, i’ll be in bed soon!

Perhaps i could write a best-selling book about this! Heh!

We had some lovely pancakes tonight and i have had my last chocolate until Easter. Last year it was absolute torture for about 4 weeks until i got over the chocolate cravings. In the end i found that i no longer wanted chocolate, even when the fast was over. Unfortunately i am now addicted to chocolate again, so i want to give it up again. Just to prove that i can!