What’s going on in aimee’s life?

I’m back! I have been away from the Internet for a week – a self-enforced leave of absence to try to avoid getting RSI. Happily to say, it seems to have worked – just typing as much as i need to at work, and having a rest in the evenings. I love programming and i love my job, so i really don’t want to injure myself.

I have been trying out another keyboard layout: Colemak. It has similar aims to Dvorak but, unlike Dvorak, they actually used a computer to help generate the layout! Also, unlike Dvorak, Colemak layout is fairly similar to Qwerty, possibly making it easier for Qwerty users to switch. It keeps Z, X, C and V in the same place, useful for the obvious keyboard shortcuts.

colemak.com – the website for the layout.
Colemak on a TypeMatrix EZ-Reach keyboard – made for my own reference, but i imagine others may come looking for it too. If you want it as a PDF, let me know.

Work has been fun lately – we’ve been trying out pair programming and i’m really enjoying it. I took a while to believe that it really is beneficial for two people to program together, but i’m coming round to the idea now. Especially when trouble-shooting – there is almost no break in the flow because the combination of two brains focussed on a problem means that we come up with the solution pretty quickly. Plus it’s also really good fun! :D I think the key is to have a separate pairing station set up with two keyboards and two mice plugged in. That gives a feeling of equality. With a little perseverance it soon starts to feel very natural to program together.

Social life has been fun too. The Spring weather is making me very happy. Church has been great, really enjoying it. In my week-of-no-internet i became totally hooked on Life On Mars – can’t wait to see the second series!

I leave you with something that i saw in a bookshop in Southampton yesterday – made me LOL ;-)



10 comments on “What’s going on in aimee’s life?

  1. We need a sign saying “Welcome to the Internet. Please Surf Carefully”, but anyway, welcome back!Glad your getting over one of the many afflictions associated with computer/desk-jobs.Great photo too!

  2. Funny you should mention the pair programming – I just read the book “Agile Development”. Really interesting book – I thought a lot of the advice about teams and communication was applicable to other areas of life too. Glad to hear you've averted the RSI!

  3. It's good to hear people really liking and loving their jobs simply because while others struggle to get a job during the economic crisis, all you have to do is to love your job and work like you don't get tired at all. I have been lucky once with my own job in the amusement but after I resigned, I was even more lucky to get the same salary without leaving home to work. I can now cook for my wife and daughter as well as go online as much as I like until I get stiff neck. Nice reading this post of yours Aimee.

  4. Thanks, i do REALLY LOVE my job, more than ever these days with the pair programming working out so well. I am very lucky indeed.I'm glad it worked out well for you too! :)

  5. Looks like the computer world is following you wherever you go (lol). Your faith helps you keep tract of your life. Go for it and enjoy life.

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