A website in a day

Sometimes it’s excellent fun to work with somebody to produce a website in a day. With no requirement for ongoing support, just get it up and running, instant gratification. In a way, it says, “Look what we can do when we set our minds to it!”

New site for the Winchester Web Scene

Yesterday, @sydlawrence phoned me to ask if i’d like to help make a new site for the Winchester Web Scene. Without a second thought, i said, “DEFINITELY!” We got together at 3pm today at the Bridge Patisserie. We drank lots of coffee, went on to the Bishop on the Bridge, then went back to Syd’s house and ate pizza. We got the whole site designed, coded, integrating with Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, Gravatar and Campaign Monitor for email subscriptions, with a blog plus comments, events list and RSS feeds … in about 5 hours.

It was nice that two Winchester web companies, Marmalade on Toast and Eden Development were able to combine talent to work on a fun social project together. The two of us had a great time making it!

The site gives a far greater prominence to the Winchester Web Scene than the old Ning site did. Still in its first few hours of existence, the site has already had 71 unique visitors. The future of the Winchester Web Scene is looking very bright!

The next event is a barbeque at the Hyde Tavern on the 6th July from 7pm. If you live near Winchester and are interested in anything to do with the web, you’re very welcome to come along! :)

20 comments on “A website in a day

  1. nice work, I find it amazing how many people are getting ready to get ready and never get their idea off the ground. It doesn't have to take an arm and a leg if you just get moving

  2. Nice work – I was curious to see what framework you were using, and only the session cookie names gave it away. Never heard of Kohana before but I might look into it when I'm next looking at doing a PHP app!

  3. Wow. Impressed. 5 hours? You must have been drinking really strong coffee. ;)I have a “work” website already, but am thinking of possibly starting another for side interests, crafts, coffee, etc. Thanks for the motivation.Erin

  4. Nice post, I think when you work as a team nothing is impossible. It's all about sharing the work, thoughts & ideas. Maybe it wasn't possible to work this fast individually. I belief that, If some one have skills & belief in himself, he can do things fast & If people from related profession work together, they always gives a good results.

  5. Working with the Marmalade-On-Toast team has been as pleasant as biting into a warm slice of toast with Butter AND Marmalade!”

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