the best free entertainment i’ve seen all year

This last week i’ve been enjoying watching A Very Potter Musical on youtube. It’s a most hilarious Harry Potter parody with fantastic acting and delightfully catchy songs!

The star of the show has to be Lauren Lopez who plays Draco Malfoy and spends most of the time rolling around seductively on the floor/bench/harry/hermione! Lauren’s sense of comic timing is incredible, and the voice and facial expressions are just adorable!

Lauren Lopez as Draco Malfoy

Voldemort and Quirrel are beautifully played with some very touching moments together. Snape is hilarious, like all the characters, much exaggerated!

I think the best songs are near the end. “Not Alone” (Act 2 Scene 5) is a beautifully composed piece of music, and “Voldemort Is Goin’ Down” (Act 2 Scene 8) is magnificently performed by the cast.

I’ve enjoyed it so much that i’m making myself a dvd to take to show friends and family. I love it that the whole thing is freely available. By the fans, for the fans, and yep, the fans are loving it!

I also love how linux gives me free tools to be able to create a dvd. This morning i did not know how to do it, but using todisc and tovid i’ve been able to combine all the scenes into a sequence, with a menu. I used mplayer to extract the audio of one song, and audacity to split out the song that i wanted to use as an introduction when the menu is shown. I used kino to look at the frames one by one and export a frame to use as the background for the menu. I used the gimp to darken the image and reduce the contrast.

The menu for my dvd is hopefully going to look something like this:

A Very Potter Musical dvd menu

I’ll update again if it works! Currently it is encoding each of the scenes into dvd format, which seems to take a very long time … and creates files 5 times bigger than the originals!

Update: it worked!! From youtube to my television!!

A Very Potter Musical

Potter Musical on my television!

A Very Potter Musical

Thank you to StarKidPotter, youtube, and to free open source software and the ubuntu community! Now i can take A Very Potter Musical with me to show anyone who has a dvd player! :D

41 comments on “the best free entertainment i’ve seen all year

  1. Hello there Aimee, checked this out on YouTube, pretty awesome stuff. Loved Snape & Draco, so spot on!!U have to be careful though what u are doing is legal gray area. i learned the hard way; BT took down my fansite & contacted my employer; it's so not worth it. :-( WB legal hacks can find out ur full name & where u work from ur blog. Best wishes, Kara

  2. hi Kara, oh my gosh, i'm so sorry to hear what happened to your fan site. why did they choose to target yours out of all the (probably) hundreds of harry potter fan sites out there?it's a really good play, isn't it? I think they did ever so well, and i really hope they don't get into trouble with it. they have taken sensible precautions such as changing the name and editing out some things that might offend for making a dvd, i don't think there's anything wrong with that. it's simply for my own use; i'm not selling it to anyone or making any profit from it. but i appreciate your warning – thank you.

  3. I used kino to look at the frames one by one and export a frame to use as the background for the menu. I used the gimp to darken the image and reduce the contrast.

  4. yes, thanks aimee! I've got the perfect excuse to waste several hours now!Excellent find!

  5. thats great aimee! good to see the video has an ever growing number of views. i think it's okay to promote, youtube havent taken it down at least.

  6. hey aimee! thanks for sharing that. that's totally awesome. i think you should be alright promoting that on your blog site. all the best.

  7. hmm..hey aimee. I've tried to post a comment using disqus several times. Let's see if this works.thanks for sharing those youtube vids, loved them!

  8. Hi Aimee,I love harry potter too but never know such performance in u tube. Thanks for letting me know the link. I'm gonna watch it tonight since I have spare time from my job. Thanks :) cheap laptop computer

  9. Thanks for the link, just started to watch it looks fun so far!Shame about the fan site though, that's the trouble with these huge global fanchises they become megolomanical with their protection of rights!!

  10. Hi Aimee, I've just had a look at it and it is hilarious. lol. I hope they don't get into any trouble at all. It's still up there in Youtube though. So that's a good sign. Thanks for sharing

  11. Your post is such a inspiring that my eyes are really opened today.From your blog i can learn so many things which may help me to get success in handling my business.Thanks for sharing,Love your blog and keep sharing in future too.

  12. Hi there, I have just come across your site and have enjoyed reading the posts and you are so right if you do something kind it comes back ten fold and it doesn’t happen that often.

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