The Lord's Prayer, for coders

The following comes from a funny (and slightly weird) conversation i had on a walk with a colleague this afternoon. This is literally the way we often talk when we go out for our walks around the fields of Barton Farm! One day we’re probably going to have a day when we only speak in Ruby!

@heaven = Heaven.instance
@father = God.trinity[0]
@earth = Universe.galaxies.find_by_name("Milky Way").solar_system.planets[2]

@father.open_connection do
  @father.current_location.should == @heaven be_hallowed

  kingdom = mock_model(Kingdom)
  @earth.should be_like(@heaven)

  @earth.current_population.each do |person|
    @father.should_forgive(person) && person.should_forgive(:others)
    @father.should_not lead(person).into(:temptation)
    @father.should deliver(person).from(:evil)

  while true do
    [Kingdom, Power, Glory].collect do |klass|
      klass.all.should be_attributed_to(@father)

Shame i haven’t updated for such a long time. I was unable to log into my blog for a while, and even when i fixed it i couldn’t think of anything to write to make a suitable come-back! Hopefully this satisfies! :)


14 comments on “The Lord's Prayer, for coders

  1. This is an interesting posting you've got here. I love this blog, I bookmarked a while ago and have enjoyed many great postings. Cheers.

  2. lol … somehow i doubt it! unless it inspires people to learn RSpec!i know this is a spam comment but i quite like it so i'm keeping it.

  3. it was all to much to avoid. a post on my birthday, and better – the first reference to “ruby-on-rails” that i have seen in a post. for some reason i have noticed it a lot recently. karma. i am going to investigate.rob

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