Update on my wiki

Since i last wrote, i have gone in a few directions trying to get started with my apprenticeship wiki task, got a bit stuck, talked to Enrique a lot, thought a lot, and i think i’m on track now.

My first mistake was to focus on the test framework. I was pretty pleased with my given/when/expect framework, and it actually sort of worked, but it wasn’t really necessary for what i needed. In the spirit of “the simplest thing that could possibly work”, this is the bare minimum you need for a testing framework:

def assert_equal(actual, expected)
  puts actual == expected

My second mistake was to get carried away with making a web interface. I learnt a bit about WEBrick and how to embed ERB into a web page. That will become useful later, but it was the wrong place to start. After i had done all that experimenting, i still didn’t have anything remotely like a wiki framework!

Enrique asked me, “what is the most important part of the wiki?” – the answer is: content. If i have no content i have no wiki. So i am making it as basic as possible: creating a Page object and assigning it some content. Then i am moving on to a PageFactory that has the responsibility of finding pages. The pages may be stored in a database, filesystem, or even just in memory. It doesn’t matter for the moment. Whatever i decide to use, the PageFactory will deal with it.

My progress is now on github so you can follow along with my progress if you wish. The repository is sermoa/licky – licky meaning ‘little wiki’! :)


4 comments on “Update on my wiki

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