Favourite songs of 2009

Around this time last year i posted my Feel-good songs of the year. I thought i might do the same again this year. These are the songs i’ve been enjoying this year, in no particular order.

The King Blues – Save The World Get The Girl – a catchy tune, nice London accents, and the memorable political message to Gordon Brown: “Going to war to prevent war is the most stupid thing I ever heard”.

Regina Spektor – Fidelity – This is the year that i really became a fan of Regina Spektor. It’s hard to choose my favourite song; they are all so good, but this one has an especially adorable video. Eet and Samson have also been played many times. Regina has such a beautiful pure voice which i never tire of hearing.

David Bowie – Life On Mars – features in this year’s favourites simply because i got into watching the television series Life On Mars early this year, and it reminds me of happy sunday afternoons curled up on the sofa watching the show.

La Roux – Bulletproof – Actually, basically anything by La Roux. I love their quirky style, both musically and visually. And i have to admit, i find Elly Jackson insanely attractive!

In October i heard about amazingtunes and amazingradio which have completely transformed my music listening habits. Amazingtunes is an ethical music site where any unsigned artist can upload their own music for the world to hear and buy. The great thing is: artists receive 70% of the download revenue, which is unheard of in the music industry. The best tunes get selected to be aired on amazingradio, where the listeners vote for them to be added to the general playlist.

Amazingradio is available in the UK on DAB digital radio, and online via iTunes or Windows Media Player. Our radio player has pretty much stayed constantly tuned to amazingradio for the last 2 months. It’s a great place to hear new music and support emerging artists. Here is a selection of my favourite music from amazingtunes:

Belle Humble – Try – a most excellent pop track which never fails to get me dancing whenever i hear it!

This Love Affair – Ifs, Buts and Maybes – guitar driven light rock, with a vocalist reminiscent of the Manic Street Preachers.

The Last Tycoons – The Dry Law – i have no idea what this song is about, and the country style is by no means my usual style of music, but i find it intriguing. I particularly like the line, “Everybody’s begging for forgiveness from the Lord, well i ain’t begging for a thing”.

Johan Lundgren – To Friends and Followers – another song with a country feel. A nice simple song, nothing fancy about it whatsoever, with a bittersweet message about the fact that we change friends and aquaintances over time. Some people we wish to stay in touch with, others we just “lost along the way”.

Richard Walker – Look At Yourself – I call this anti-emo music! It’s like: alright, this is your life, stop moping about it, you could blame everybody else, or you could take responsibility for the choices you’ve made. “If you’re looking for someone to ease your pain, take a look at yourself”. I don’t know if this would really help me if i was actually feeling miserable, though!

stornoway – Zorbing – quite a unique sound: a simple tune with an unusual accompaniment, nice harmonies. Zorbing is rolling down a hill in a giant inflatable ball. Something i want to try one day! :)

Well that’s about it. I hope you find something in there that you like. I do encourage you to listen to some songs on amazingtunes, and tune into amazingradio too. There’s a lot of talent in there waiting to be discovered.


59 comments on “Favourite songs of 2009

  1. The best songs and most popular in 2009 that fans are most interested in the theme song about the love story of two young men.

  2. These are the my favorite songs of 2009,Owl City: 'Fireflies'Jason Derulo: 'Watcha Say'Flo Rida: 'Right Round'Kelly Clarkson: 'My Life Would Suck Without You'Lady GaGa: 'Poker Face'

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  4. My psychic adviced me to listen to some chillout music,so I did,entire year 2009 and I find it very very relaxing and nice.

  5. Hi AimeeThanks for sharing your list of songs for 2009, amazingradio is truly amazing, power to the listeners!Glad you liked The Dry Law, this might give you little more insight into what it's about – http://www.hotpress.com/av/audio/5537492.html.Your MyChores site is a great idea too..MarkBand ManagerThe Last Tycoons

  6. Great blog and my favorite song of 2009 is the last tycoon.Thanks for share this post

  7. I like your collection a lot, I think our choices are completely same. Thanks for sharing your personal likeness with others, doing a great job by writing blog, I love it!

  8. I dont know but theres something in Regina Spekter that is so calming. Unlike most singers, she has a distinct voice and a very catchy tone.. I love her!!

  9. I have never heard of AmazingTunes, but will definitely check it out now. I am always looking for new music to listen to. Thanks for the post.

  10. Thanks for letting me know about amazingtunes and amazingradio. I am a big fan of indie music, and have so much respect for them going out on their own – this seems like a great opportunity to find a new, unique sound. do you think the record labels are listening?

  11. I saw your blog today and clicked on the link to amazing tunes. This is really nice. I've been checking AOL and Yahoo's online streaming to find good songs but there's none. I'm a big fan of everything indie and alternative. Amazing tunes seem to have that. Thanks for the link!

  12. like your collection a lot, I think our choices are completely same. Thanks for sharing your personal likeness with others, doing a great job by writing blog, I love it!

  13. I do not understand clearly the contents of this song! However I like this melody!Thanks!

  14. I love acoustics songs so if we are on the process of voting system those list that you have here, then I go for the “This Love Affair – Ifs, But and maybes”.

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