Mike Torr review in the Southern Daily Echo

A friend of mine who i met through geohashing and geocaching is a talented musician composer who has just started publishing music via Amazing Tunes and i am hoping will soon be played on Amazing Radio. I am greatly encouraged in this hope now that Mike has been discovered by Xan Phillips who features artists on Amazing Radio in the “Xan Down South” sessions. Here is an article from today’s Southern Daily Echo. Mike has scanned the picture here: Mike Torr in the Southern Daily Echo but since the resolution is poor, i have transcribed it:

IT was June 2007 when I first played Southampton composer Mike Torr’s music on the radio.

Tiny Lights was the track and it featured a staccato beat overlaid with a calming voice from a TV documentary saying: “look into the night sky: billions of tiny lights.”

Great stuff!

So I was delighted to discover his track, Euphoria had charted at amazingtunes.com, the website that powers Amazing Radio.

It features a sax solo by Chris Alpiar, a film composer in the US, who Mike’s never met, they just used the Internet to transfer each other’s music.

Naturally Mike’s delighted to be a hit: “It feels unexpected and frankly brilliant to be in the charts!” he told me. “I didn’t necessarily expect any public success, but of course it is gratifying that this project has found an appreciative audience!”

The album Collision took three years to complete and although a labour of love it forms just one strand of his output.

His main passion is film music and he’s recently teamed up with some Southampton directors on a couple of projects. “Working with other creative people with different skills is often very rewarding and I think a large feature film is the ultimate example of creative human co-operation.”

Both are documentaries in pre-production, one is about an Antarctic expedition documentary and the other enviromental.

Mike has some interesting theories about film music and we’ll be discussing that next week, but for now I suggest you discover his music at miketorr.com

Mike Torr can be found on AmazingTunes at amazingtunes.com/users/macronencer


13 comments on “Mike Torr review in the Southern Daily Echo

  1. Hey Aimee, this is very good of you! Thank you so much for transcribing this, you've saved me the bother!I'm amazed that you found time during your busy conference trip – or did you use some clever OCR software on Android? :)

  2. I am glad to see that good thinks happened to people when they less expect and from places they did not ever expect .. Nice track by the way .. the Tiny Lights it's like you said .. calming .. and refreshing .. Cheers :)

  3. Surprising that a song like this is appreciated by a broather audience. I really enjoyed it but thats no wonder cause this is my kind of music. Relaxing and soothing. Thanks for sharing this artist with us

  4. Thanks – glad you liked it! I have a fondness for Tiny Lights because (a) I like astronomy and (b) it was the first serious thing I wrote while learning the Sonar sequencer.

  5. If you mean Euphoria, I'm as surprised as you! I thought it was the least commercial of the tracks, being so long and rather jazzy. Glad you enjoyed it!

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