A perfect day

Today was an immensely wonderful day. From the first glimpse of the sun shining through the curtains, to the beautiful sunset, and the amazing sight of the sunlight reflecting off the planets Venus and Mercury, i loved every minute of it.

I stopped on my way to the workshop to take this photo of some pretty daffodils stretching their heads towards the morning Sun:

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Yellow is my favourite colour, daffodils are my favourite flower, and Spring is my favourite season! It’s such a cheerful time of year!

At lunch time i enjoyed the usual buzz of Winchester’s Market Square as everyone flocked to enjoy a lunch al fresco:

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Personally i chose to eat my lunch with Enrique at the Cathedral green, a favourite hotspot for picnics, sunbathing, relaxing, playing music … today it was full of people out to enjoy the sunshine just like we were:

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We ate our lunch listening to French students playing Uno and watching children turn cartwheels! :)

Back at the workshop my pair and i finished a big task that has taken us several days, which was very exiciting to get to the end. After work i decided to celebrate the weather a little bit more, and i took a walk up St Giles Hill before going home.

In the early evening i was happy to see the setting Sun cast this long shadow as i walked across the River Park leisure centre:

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Long shadows bring back happy childhood memories with my Nanna: we used to go out on the green near Nanna’s house and try to jump on each other’s shadows! We would always crouch down or jump out of the way! :)

Later on, just after the sun had set and the glow was still in the Western sky, i went out to catch a glimpse of those two planets, Venus and Mercury, that have been so popular lately. I was delighted to get a photograph, as i have tried to photograph Mercury before without success. The two planets together looked stunning.

Conjunction of Venus and Mercury

My appreciation of the Sun has been significantly enhanced since watching Professor Brian Cox on Wonders of the Solar System on BBC2 recently. Today i had a really profound sense of the Sun, 93 million miles away, and the feeling that every ray of light had travelled for 8 minutes directly in a straight line from the Sun, to land on my face.

I thought of the Sun’s importance to our existence here on this planet, and i imagined how the Sun might look from other planets and moons. Finally, i looked around at all the other stars in the early evening sky and wondered whether any life forms on other planets might right now be turning their faces towards their own star, the source of their existence, loving it as much as we love our Sun.

It was a really special day.


16 comments on “A perfect day

  1. This was really lovely to read, and left me feeling very cheerful and contented, thankyou for sharing sweetie! Also, I hope you don't mind, I put your beautiful photo of Venus and Mercury as my desktop background… it's such a gorgeous shot! xXx

  2. Thanks for sharing this day with us; spring has just started here and I am looking forward to days like this. Today, we did make it out of a bike ride, but after reading this I am inspired to start taking more photos of the thinks I sometimes forget to appreciate!

  3. It is wonderful that people are still able to notice things such sunlight or shadows of leaves. It proves that we didi not loose our grip in the world if we still see more than work and other chores.

  4. It's nice to know that you have a good and perfect day. Do you always experience a good perfect day on your daily everyday life? I really love the way you appreciate things around you and just after reading this post, it really hits my head to notice the things around me as well.

  5. Yes, Wonders of the Solar System was fantastic, I originally put it on for my two children but really enjoyed it myself. Every time it came on my boys would remind me that Professor Brian Cox used to be a pop star.

  6. the daffodils look lovely. i assume that its your shadow in the fourth pic. we had a similar game. but we used to play in school. Sol is definetly one of the most important star in our galaxy; atleast for us. i am glad that you enjoyed your day out in the sun.Online Education degrees

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