Gowalla pins

As of Monday, 5th July, these are the 38 pins currently available on Gowalla, grouped by category. I just made this because it’s sometimes hard to see what all the pins are at a glance.

If you’re curious about Gowalla, see my other introductory post: Gowalla tips.

Installing Gowalla

I Installed Gowalla I Installed Gowalla

Checking in

Wanderer Wanderer Check in at 5 different Spots to receive the Wanderer Pin.
Sightseer Sightseer Check in at 10 different Spots to receive the Sightseer Pin.
Ranger Ranger Check in at 25 different Spots to receive the Ranger Pin.
Discoverer Discoverer Check in at 50 different Spots to earn the Discoverer Pin.
Explorer Explorer Check in at 100 different Spots to receive the Explorer Pin.
Wayfarer Wayfarer Check in at 250 different Spots to receive the Wayfarer Pin.
Voyager Voyager Check in at 500 different Spots to receive the Voyager Pin.
Epic Voyager Epic Voyager Check in at 1,000 different spots to receive the Epic Voyager Pin!

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UK Voting referendum already under threat

Today, Nick Clegg has set the date for the UK voting referendum, giving us a chance to reform the badly flawed voting system.

If you’re not convinced that the system is unfair, compare these charts: How we voted in the 2010 election vs what we got.

UK General Election 2010

Unfortunately some backbench Conservative MPs are trying to propose a 40% threshold, meaning that at least 40% of all registered voters would need to support the reform. This is totally unrealistic and unprecedented: it’s not the way we elect MPs, in fact only 35 out of our 650 MPs got support from 40% of their electorate.

Their fear is understandable: under a fairer voting system the Conservative party would probably not get an overall majority. But it is not right to use an unfair voting system to save another very unfair voting system.

The most important thing right now is to urge your MP not to support the threshold and to give the referendum a fair chance. You can do so here:


Follow the instructions to write a letter to your MP. A suggested letter will be provided for you; all you need to do is add in your MP’s name (the site will tell you) and sign it with your name. If you personalise the letter more, so much the better.

For reference, here’s the letter i wrote to my MP for Winchester, Steve Brine.

Dear Steve,

My first opportunity to write to you! :) This is about the Alternative Vote system referendum.

I really welcome a fairer system than the one we have currently. I led a debate at The Roebuck Inn recently proposing that First Past The Post is undemocratic. I did not vote for you, and my vote was discarded. It bothers me that 28,800 votes in Winchester counted for nothing. I won the debate, by the way!

Now that we have a real chance to get a fairer system I’m concerned that some backbench Conservative MPs are already trying to fight against it by trying to argue for a 40% threshold rule — that’s 40% support from all available voters, even those who choose not to vote.

This doesn’t sound at all fair to me, and sounds like a sign of fear. By the way, Steve, you only got 36.79% of the total available electorate in Winchester, so you should be able to see why this proposal doesn’t make sense!

You may not be the representative i voted for, but you are now my representative in Parliament, and therefore i hope i can count on you to oppose this suggestion and give the referendum a fair chance.

Yours sincerely,

aimee daniells
twitter: @sermoa

After one afternoon already 1,873 letters have been sent to 548 of our MPs. It is important that we get the message to all 650 MPs, so please do your bit and support true democracy.

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