Learn to Type – Day 2

Ahh, yesterday was good. I did some exercises on powertyping.com particularly the numbers and symbols, which is what i’m especially trying to practise this week.

I was delighted last night when i managed to complete one round of typeracer at 99 words per minute with 100% accuracy! That is something for me to be very proud of! Now if i can just get to that accuracy and speed consistently, i will be very happy!

This morning i’ve done my hands-covered 5-minute test at FreeTypingGame.net and scored 76 words per minute, slightly slower than yesterday’s 78. I made more mistakes, particularly with quotation marks and exclamation marks.

Other resources we have discovered:
TypingWeb.com – typing lessons that save your progress. (only Qwerty)
aTypeTrainer4Mac – a Mac program to download and use offline.