Fixing my life

Today i have made a few decisions, a few changes to make my life better.

What is wrong with my life? As it happens, a few things, but these are the most notable problems that i’ve known for a while and didn’t have the courage to admit to:

  1. I watch too much television
  2. I stay up too late
  3. I find it hard to get up in the mornings
  4. I rely too heavily on coffee

Recently i’ve felt i’ve not been getting enough sleep, i feel tired and irritable a lot of the time, i have little motivation to do things, and i am useless without coffee. Caffeine disrupts my sleeping patterns, so the problem is cyclical and self-perpetuating.

So a few things have to change, and i think i’ve found the answers in Steve Pavlina’s blog. Firstly, i’m going to give up coffee. I don’t want to be controlled by caffeine, so i will switch to rooibos tea, which i love!

Secondly, i am going to practise getting up on time. I literally mean practise. Something Steve mentions that i’ve never considered before is practising getting up when you’re already awake. You get undressed, get into bed, set your alarm for 5 minutes time and then practise getting up straight away, having a wash, getting dressed. Then you do it all again. It sounds funny, but it makes sense. Willpower alone is not good enough. Even with the best intentions, 7 o’clock aimee makes the wrong choices. My foggy brain gets confused and tries its very best to convince me to stay in bed. Therefore i need to train my subconscious brain to get up automatically.

Thirdly, i’m going to get up at the same time every day. I will get up at 7 o’clock for the next 30 days. This is something i’ve often said i will do; i’ve done it before and really felt the benefits. With proper training to get up straight away, i can make it work.

Fourthly, i’m going to get to bed at a good time. I want to be in bed at 22:30, reading a book until i feel tired and ready to sleep. I will turn off my phone to avoid the temptation to check twitter and emails in bed. I intend to be asleep by 23:30. To prepare for this i must do the washing up at 21:00, and start getting ready for bed at 22:00.

This is going to take discipline, but discipline is like a muscle: the more it is used, the easier it will become. Lately my discipline has been underused, which is why i’ve been finding things so difficult. I look forward to the benefits of discipline, having more time to read, watching less television, getting to work earlier to prepare for the day, having more energy, breaking my addiction to caffeine.

So with all that written down (so that you can all hold me to it!) off i go to practise getting up when my alarm goes off! :)


New Minimalist blog theme

I’ve been unhappy with my blog theme for a long time now. It was slow to load, and i didn’t feel the style was a good fit for me anymore. I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 last night and, as is so often the case after an upgrade, i like to look for a new theme. I’ve enjoyed the white and grey minimalistic style that i’ve had on twitter for a while now, so i looked for something similar, and i found this:

Minimalistic blog theme

Minimalist theme by Joey Robinson

I really like the simplicity: the reduction of clutter. Both the posts and the sidebar expand when clicked, to show one section at a time. I’m finding it a bit hard to get used to the uppercase, but i’m not opposed enough to want to change it.

One particularly nice thing about the theme is that it’s customisable. If you don’t like it on white, you can change it to black, blue, grey or green.

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