New Minimalist blog theme

I’ve been unhappy with my blog theme for a long time now. It was slow to load, and i didn’t feel the style was a good fit for me anymore. I upgraded to WordPress 3.0 last night and, as is so often the case after an upgrade, i like to look for a new theme. I’ve enjoyed the white and grey minimalistic style that i’ve had on twitter for a while now, so i looked for something similar, and i found this:

Minimalistic blog theme

Minimalist theme by Joey Robinson

I really like the simplicity: the reduction of clutter. Both the posts and the sidebar expand when clicked, to show one section at a time. I’m finding it a bit hard to get used to the uppercase, but i’m not opposed enough to want to change it.

One particularly nice thing about the theme is that it’s customisable. If you don’t like it on white, you can change it to black, blue, grey or green.

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4 comments on “New Minimalist blog theme

  1. When I came across your blog, the second thing I noticed was the theme! (First thing was your name). I like it simple. It is VERY easy to read. Better than some of the blogs out there that try to get really fancy.

  2. I'm glad you like the theme. I wasn't completely sure about it, but it's been a week and i'm liking it more and more! :)

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