Progress update on my life improvements

So it’s been 10 days since i started implementing the changes to improve my life. I think it’s time for a little progress report. On the whole it is going incredibly well, better than i even imagined.

The caffeine withdrawal symptoms were horrible. I stopped drinking coffee on Sunday 18th July. By Monday evening i had a heavy headache, not particularly painful but giving a compressing feeling on my brain, making me feel fuzzy and slow-thinking. Then i threw up. Just a little bit at first, but later on i threw up really horribly and painfully. I never imagined that i could get sick from lack of coffee! Funny, it explains why i’ve sometimes been sick when i go away to visit people. Looking back now, it’s obvious it was the coffee withdrawals that caused it.

On Wednesday and Thursday i felt as if my natural emotions were returning. I began to feel a genuine sense of calm and happiness, quite unlike anything i’d felt for a long time. By Friday i was positively bubbling with wellbeing. It was amazing.

Going to bed on time has been quite easy. Without caffeine, i’ve felt ready for bed at the right time. I feel a genuine tiredness without the caffeine giving me an artificial sense of being awake. Some days i really look forward to bed time. With my routine, i’ve found i prioritize my evenings much more effectively. Knowing that i’m going to get ready for bed at 10pm means that i am much less inclined to watch television, putting off other things until later. I’m also delighted for the opportunity to read in bed, now that i’ve made time for it.

Getting up has not been a problem. The last 10 days i’ve been up at 7am sharp. I’ve written down my whole routine, so i do the same thing every day, including weekends. I found it useful and enjoyable to go out for a walk on Saturday and Sunday morning, at the time i’d normally walk to work. It keeps my routine consistent and means i’ve kick-started my day, getting useful things done early, and getting a bit of exercise.

A completely unexpected side-effect of giving up coffee is that i also seem to have given up chocolate, quite by coincidence! I guess i’m on quite a healthy living trip, so i felt if i was going to cut out caffeine, i ought to do it properly … but it’s amazing how i’ve not even had any desire or craving for chocolate. Every time i’ve given up chocolate before it’s been massively difficult and a big deal.

All in all, i’m feeling a whole lot better than before. My enthusiasm has returned, my lust for life is alive and well. I’m sleeping better, performing better during the day, enjoying my work again. I’m fairly sure this will prove to be the best thing i did all year! Maybe next i’ll even find a desire to do some serious exercise! :D


26 comments on “Progress update on my life improvements

  1. Thats not so bad! My mug ( its more like a jug tbh! ) holds around 3 cups of coffee at a time, and I have about 6 of these per day! I have ran out of coffee, and im not suffering no ill effects?! Odd!

  2. bloody thing i thought it was going to put this below! lol oh well! I make it 4 spoons of coffee 9 sugar in this mahusive cup / jug thing lol – – its well nice. I like a proper size drink, one that isnt gone in around 2 minutes. One thats going to quench my thirst!

  3. lol i hate sugary products! lol but when i drink coffee it has to be sweet and milky or black with nothing.. i like it better with milk and sugar though.if its just black then its percolated coffee, which i havent had in a LONG time, not since i was about 6 i think.

  4. Wow, I get headaches if I don't get some caffeine in a day but I'm not drinking that much.My coffee is actually more fattening than anything as I mix two 250ml cups of coffee with a packet of hot chocolate. That packet alone is 120calories! Then I add two sugar cubes and sometimes a shot of cream. :pWhen I am not at the office I'll drink a can of green tea and that keeps me out of the grave.It is interesting to note your mental state change. It's motivation to look into it if not try it and post back!Thanks Aimee!

  5. Oh wow! That was not hard, everyone is going for it, we all should consider this! Look what I found for people trying to quit (not my info):Don't start drinking too much caffeine! The best way to avoid caffeine withdrawal entirely is not to get hooked on it in the first place! If you want to drink coffee, tea, or soda, it is almost always possible to find a caffeine-free or decaffeinated version.Avoid caffeine pills. Caffeine pills contain more caffeine than most people think — about 200 mg. That is the same amount as two cups of coffee, in a little pill. It is easy to get hooked on caffeine pills because often you don't realize how much caffeine you are ingesting.Know the risks of quitting caffeine cold turkey. Many people choose to stop their caffeine consumption all at once, and feel that they need to do it this way. If this is you, just be aware that you will definitely have to endure caffeine withdrawal. Stopping your intake of caffeine all at once makes the levels of the stimulant in your body drop drastically and suddenly, causing the worst possible withdrawal symptoms.Try the gradual approach. Replace your caffeinated beverages slowly with more and more non-caffeinated ones. Start by using 3/4 regular coffee to 1/4 decaf, then slowly decrease the caffeinated portion and increase the decaffeinated portion. The same can be done with tea and sodas — just make sure you are decreasing the level of the caffeinated portion and increasing the caffeine-free portion. Doing this slowly but surely should help you endure caffeine withdrawal more easily.Treat the caffeine withdrawal headaches. Ignoring the headaches, which are a major symptom of caffeine withdrawal, will just make you more tempted to go back to the full-caffeine routine. Instead, use pain relievers. Just be aware that some pain relievers, such as Excedrin, contain caffeine, so include that when figuring out your daily caffeine intake! Going off of caffeine gradually can help the caffeine withdrawal headaches be a little more bearable.Be aware that you will be tired! Of course you will be tired — caffeine is a stimulant and you're trying to endure caffeine withdrawal! Give yourself extra grace and extra time to deal with the fact that you will probably take longer to do things, have trouble concentrating, and not be as alert as normal. Don't worry, this too will pass.Warn people that you might be grouchy. It's likely that your family, friends, and colleagues will notice that you are more irritable or depressed than normal. The easiest way to deal with this is to let them know that you are trying to kick the caffeine overdose habit. That way, you have accountability, and they may forgive any irritability that comes from trying to endure caffeine withdrawal.Try small amounts of caffeine when the withdrawal symptoms are too severe. The tricky thing about this is that you have to be able to control your caffeine intake. If you're going to end up drinking an entire pot of coffee or 2 liters of soda, you should avoid this step.Try to keep a regular routine. Although you might be replacing your caffeine intake with decaf beverages slowly, it's still a good idea to try to have your beverages at the same time every day. You're already messing with your body and forcing it to endure caffeine withdrawal — don't make it more difficult than necessary!Be aware that caffeine withdrawal will eventually end! Symptoms of caffeine withdrawal — including headache, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, and flu-like symptoms — start around 12 to 24 hours after you stop drinking caffeinated beverages. How long does caffeine withdrawal last? They get worse over the next couple of days, and can last up to 9 days after you stop drinking caffeine entirely. The more caffeine you drink, the more severe the withdrawal symptoms. But everyone will eventually get over it.”9 days isn't too bad either? I think I'll start right away and please let me know, if you want I can share my pain with some updates? ;)

  6. Nice but after read this i want to suggest that never think you going worng.Thanks for sharing this nice article please continue this i give never full stop in my comment for your blog mean i will always continue !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations on kicking coffee! Although I don't see how that involved kicking a chocolate addiction as well! They can take my chocolate from my dead cold fingers, but never while I live!

  8. Man, in the long run, a bit of barfing is insignificant compared to the satisfaction of reaching your goals. Keep it up! :)

  9. Your determination is deadset enviable, I love to see people reach their goals and I hope you'll get there in the end. You're doin' well.

  10. Chocolate is the most recognizable/distinct smell in the world. How anyone can avoid it is a serious miracle. Congrats to you!I had a medical issue where I was asked to avoid caffeine and it was right at Easter. OMG did I fail.. :)

  11. There are people traveling around the world in sailboats that I respect a lot and this still impresses me. Go Aimee go! We're rooting for you and your willpower! :)

  12. I enjoy my coffee immensely but I only drink it in the mornings. Come mid-day I stop and go over to a bottle of cold water by my side. But if I don't have my regular coffee in the mornings, by mid-morning I have a splitting headache, no energy and can't wait to get home. So, I guess I'm addicted. However, if one is likely to give up chocolate if one gives up coffee…argh….may have to think a bit on that one :-)

  13. As far as I know, withdrawals are always hard. My brother tried to withdraw from smoking but he becomes really irritated and violent if he can't smoke. I was scared for him as well as for myself. He was a different person if he can't smoke. A few months ago, he resumed smoking. I guess we have to live with that. I hope he decides to get help as soon as he can.

  14. oh coffee..great! i like coffee with coffee mate..really yummy! :)I just remembered myself doing some experiment making cappuccino..I got coffee, coffeemate and Nesquick mixed together with water and ice and blend them..and then! i made my own cappuccino..hahahahahahaha! I know its not right but it still taste like a cappuccino on starbucks…hehehehehe

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