30 days to fix my life

These are the last few hours of my 30-day trial of various changes to my life. For the last 30 mornings i have got out of bed and got going at 7am consistently. I have completely cut out coffee, i have gone to bed at a decent time and i have prioritised my evenings more effectively, much reducing the amount of time i spend watching television.

By consequence i’ve felt a lot happier, more engaged, more enthusiastic to do my job and do it well. My weekends have seemed more structured. I’ve felt emotions that seem somehow more authentic, and i’ve looked forward to my bedtime, enjoying a good read in bed. I’ve often woken up before my alam sounds in the morning, and enjoyed dozing in bed listening to the birds and the weather. I’ve given up chocolate almost by accident, and i’ve no intention to start eating it again. I’ve come to absolutely love Rooibos Tea! :)

Several people have asked me: what happens next? Well, ideally more of the same. I spent 30 days exercising my self-discipline, forcing myself to follow a routine in order to establish a habit. I’d like to think it won’t be difficult to keep it up now. I used twitter extensively, tweeting every morning that i’d got up on time. Some of my followers will be glad to hear that i won’t be doing that anymore! Twitter is a great motivational tool, but i no longer need it. I think it would feel weird now to stay in bed after my alarm has sounded.

So the experiment has been a great success and it has set me up to continue the good habits that i’ve established. Thank you everyone for your encouragements during the past month. I’ve really appreciated it!


20 comments on “30 days to fix my life

  1. That sounds great. Congratulations on your life change. I think maybe i will try to do this. I have long wanted to change my habits and the only person stopping me, incidentally, is me.

  2. Thanks Mike! I encourage you to come up with your own set of changes you wish to make, and give yourself 30 days to make it a habit.Don't just think about maybe trying to do it. Actually do it, or make a decision not to.

  3. Congratulations! Way to throw excuses out the window! I'll try to do this myself. Stop making excuses and actually doing it. It's amazing how you were able to do it, keep a healthy routine.

  4. Thanks for the story, Aimee. It makes me more to feel like a right man. It is really unpredictable, that wakingup at the same time, doing the same things will make the life better. Because how the routine can make life happier. I thought about this, and came to the idea, that such routine, timetable save your time. And this “extra” time you can spend for smthreally pleasant and usefull. The bonus you have from extra time is much more than inconvenience from the routine.

  5. How amazing that you'll going to change your for only 30 days, that's awesome. On my side 30 days is not enough to fix everything. However, this is such great motivation.

  6. A very comprehensive and interesting article with great and valuable pointers here that I had never known of. Thanks for passing on this info.

  7. Wow, congratulations on make viable changes. I tried doing something similar and ended up hating it by the end of a month. I am really impressed that you will continue the lifestyle.

  8. Great job, congrats. I know it works, as I tried myself, didn't last too long though. It's great I have found this post. It's going to motivate me to continue(or start over). The problem is – I like coffee more than I need it. I love to sleep, even though I know 9-10 hours is too much… With TV – here job is done, I don;t watch it at all. (just series to dinner). cONGRATULATIONS AGAIN.

  9. Incredible! Its great that you have been able to bring in self-discipline in your life. I think many of us want it but very few are able to achieve it. I am really happy for you. For rest them keep trying…

  10. Congrats! I think we could all learn a thing or two from your discipline. But I have to say I've been trying to structure my days a bit better also and this morning found myself thinking that lately I've been feeling different. It took me a while to figure out the way I've been feeling is actually _better_.

  11. It makes me added to feel like a appropriate man.It is absolutely unpredictable, that wakingup at the aforementioned time, accomplishing the aforementioned things will accomplish the activity better. Because how the accepted can accomplish activity happier. I anticipation about this, and came to the idea, that such routine, calendar save your time. And this “extra” time you can absorb for smthreally affable and useful.

  12. Glad it's worked for you Aimee, it makes a real difference to have a more structured life. I like to have set times to wake up, eat and sleep. The structure keeps me going through the long working weeks and long days. It's definately nice when you start waking up before your alarm and you can relax and lay in for a bit before getting up during weekdays.

  13. Very inspiring. And I guess effective as you have seen the achievements immediately. I tend to change one thing at a time, then get fed up when I'm not where I want to be and give up!

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