A prayer for peace

I learnt this prayer on New Year’s Eve 1999 and it has stuck with me since then. It is a millennial prayer written by Churches Together in England and it speaks so strongly to me of peace, love and forgiveness. There is always a chance for a new start.

Let there be respect for the earth,
Peace for its people,
Love in our lives,
Delight in the good,
Forgiveness for past wrongs,
And from now on a new start.

Please, can we all just get along?


6 comments on “A prayer for peace

  1. What a beautiful prayer! I can see the sincerity of the person who wrote this. May GOD grant us forgiveness, peace and love.

  2. peace and freedom are the 2 parts of one coin ,so it is necessary for peace in society and in mind of each individual,thanks.

  3. Hey thanks for your sharing and hightlights. Very helpful I think. Keep posting. Let's pray for peace – world peace, and peace within…

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