Harry Potter: One Day Left!

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 today, and … I LOVED IT! (Warning, movie spoilers follow!)

It was really well done, especially if you adore the books, like i do. It was very accurate to the book, and beautiful to see the scenes from my mind translated wonderfully on to the screen. Lots of the dialogue seemed to be word-for-word from the book. There were a few small changes, there always are, but like Half-Blood Prince, they only served to make it work better as a film. Whoever’s idea it was to have Harry and Hermione dance in the tent, i congratulate you! That was perfect! Part 1 is extremely dark throughout: there is almost nothing to be happy about, but the action and suspense, and small bits of humour keep it easy to watch.

I am happy to see that they put the split point EXACTLY where i hoped they would. See my post from two and a half years ago: Eight HP Movies! (contains spoilers for Part 2). Part 1 contained everything i predicted (apart from the Harry/Ron hug, shame)!

So this means, and for me this is extremely exciting, whilst Part 1 took place over several months, Part 2 is going to span just one day1. There is SO MUCH action to pack into that one long day. I know people throw the word ‘epic’ around for just about everything these days, but Part 2 i think will really deserve the word. I came out of Part 1 feeling completely exhausted from emotional adrenaline. Part 2 is going to be all that and more!

The great thing about the movie in two parts is that Part 1 provides just enough clues that you could almost figure out what’s coming next. I spent some time exploring theories with my friend who saw it with me, who has not read the book yet. If it were all one movie you’d just get it all delivered to you with no time to think. There are plenty of twists yet to be revealed, and plenty of ends to tie up yet, but you really get the sense that everything is coming together. With eight months to wait until the end, and a DVD release to come, this is a very exciting time for the people who have only seen the movies and not read the books.

Two movies really works well. I am really glad they chose to do it that way and do real justice to the book. Credit to David Yates: i think the last three movies have been better than any of the first four, and i am extremely looking forward to the final exciting installment!


1 Oh, and the epilogue of course, but who cares about that! ;)


8 comments on “Harry Potter: One Day Left!

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  2. I'm looking to watch the movie, too sooner. I love to watch movies from books such as Harry Potter. I'd really love to.

  3. I really can't wait to watch this final sequel. I read all of the books by JK Rowling, and am curious to see how this final one is going to differ or be even better than the first 6.

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