MongoDB and Merlin’s Castle

Recently i have been occupying my free time writing a remake of a game i used to play at school. It is called Merlin’s Castle, and it’s a text-based adventure game where you move around in the world, picking up items to overcome obstacles. It’s great fun!

You can play Merlin’s Castle at

Last week Russell Smith visited eden to pair for a day, and we got talking about MongoDB, a document oriented database. I had already been thinking about switching Merlin’s Castle to a document oriented database, so it seemed a good opportunity to try out MongoDB with Russell’s help.

I found it was very easy to switch over to MongoDB using the MongoMapper Ruby object mapper gem. I have found many benefits of switching over to MongoDB, so yesterday i did a tech talk to share how i did it, and what i learned from it.

You can watch my presentation at

I like document oriented databases – they make a lot of sense to me. I used to work with Lotus Notes a long time ago. I also tried out CouchDB a few years ago. I’m very pleased to have an application that uses MongoDB, and i’m sure i’ll be using it again in the near future.

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