Seven Languages kick-off

We had a skype call today to meet some of the people who are going to be studying Seven Languages in Seven Weeks together. Attending today were Daniel, Susan, Sarah, Matthew, Dirk and Matt. There are some people who couldn’t make it today and a few who have signed up since, so we’re going to have a similar skype call tomorrow (sunday) at 8pm BST.

We introduced ourselves and talked about our experiences and what we each want to get out of the seven weeks. We discussed briefly what we already know about the languages we’ll be studying.

We talked about tools we can use to encourage each other.

Susan has made a very useful git repository that we can fork and use to work in: There is a branch with all the examples from the book, and a branch where you can publish a blog to github pages. That might be a very good way to keep a record of your thoughts as we go.

Matt has set up a shared folder in Google Docs for us: 7 languages in 7 weeks. It is publicly viewable. I like learning in public. If you want write access, please tell me or Matt your google email address.

There is a twitter list of the people who have committed to studying: You can use that to get to find the people we’re studying along with.

It feels like there is a lot of excitement about the forthcoming seven weeks, and a lot of anticipation for what we’ll be learning. I was thrilled when i peeked ahead in the book and saw we’ll be using Prolog to solve a Sudoku! I can’t wait for that!

I’ll be blogging here a lot about what i’m learning. If you’re not studying with us, i hope you’ll still feel involved just by reading about it.

So, to all participants and followers … here’s to a great seven weeks! Have fun! :D


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