Installing Io

I am currently installing Io to get ready for week 2 of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks.

I’m on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and i have the very excellent homebrew by Max Howell and there is a recipe for Io. So it should be as simple as:

brew install io

It has downloaded and is currently installing cmake, which is a dependency. That’s taking a while.

Aha, now it is doing libgsml … that was quick.

Now it’s cloning io from and using cmake to install it.

Done! The whole process took 17 minutes.

But, oh dear!

$ io
dyld: Library not loaded: libbasekit.dylib
  Referenced from: /Users/aimee/Developer/bin/io
  Reason: image not found
zsh: trace trap  io

I’m going to post this up and see if someone knows the answer. I’ll update here once i have it working.


Thanks to Evadne for pointing me to Installing Io on my Mac where i got the clue to make this work.

Since i installed Io with homebrew, it has gone into /Users/aimee/Developer for me. I need to tell it to find the dyld libbasekit library in the same place.

I use zsh so this just needs to go in my .zshrc file:


Now we’re all set!

$ io
Io 20090105
Io> "Hi ho, Io" print
Hi ho, Io==> Hi ho, Io

Now i’m ready for monday! :)

Update 2

I since found out that changing my dynamic library broke gitx for me. So i’m doing it this way instead:

alias io='DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=~/Developer/lib ~/Developer/bin/io'

Now everything works :)