Week 3 Day 1 – Getting started in Prolog

After all my difficulties getting Prolog installed on OSX, i set up a virtual machine with Ubuntu and got it installed straight away, no problem!

sudo apt-get install gprolog

So i think i will be doing my prolog learning in Ubuntu! :)

Yesterday was nice for me, but i don’t think i’ve had my Prolog Epiphany yet! In the exercises, the hardest thing was thinking of books, authors and musicians! My mind just went blank! :)

I set up a couple of knowledge bases, one of which was about musicians, instruments and genres. I set up a few facts about things i know. I made a rule for finding musicians who play guitar, and then a rule to connect genres and instruments, via the musicians. After that i could compile the world and query it in a few different ways.

If i’m honest, it really felt a bit like joining SQL tables, and didn’t feel very innovative. I’m looking forward to getting deeper into prolog and learning a lot more today :)

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