Unless there’s a big solar flare!

I was just listening to The Angry Atheist episode 37 interview with The Godless Bastard and i was highly amused by this exchange.

Somehow they got talking about the internet and our reliance upon it.

– It’s almost like a drug … my world comes to a screeching halt without the internet … we just become so dependent on the technology, i mean, how the hell do we get by without it? That’s what i want to know.

– We don’t have to. We’re never gonna have to. It’s always gonna be there!

– Yep, i know, i know!

– Unless there’s a big solar flare!

– That’s right, that’s right, it’ll take everything out!

I have heard the sun is getting more active at the moment, and solar flares are becoming more common and more powerful. Part of me really wants to see what would happen if a big solar flare takes down all our telephones, television and internet. How will we behave when cut off from the wider world? Would we turn to our local communities for support? I like to hope we would.

I have a few close friends locally, but i always think that i could have many more friends in my neighbourhood if it didn’t just seem so weird to go and introduce myself. I think it might take something drastic like a solar flare to get us off our computers, out of our safe little houses and connect with the people around us.

4 comments on “Unless there’s a big solar flare!

  1. We probably would do what we usually do. Band together and help each other out until the crisis was over…then go back to ignoring each other

    “In a huge solar storm back in 1859, telegraph offices worldwide were hit, transmission cable failures were reported, some telegraph operators reported electric shocks, the telegraph systems malfunctioned, and things caught on fire.”

    Read more: http://www.kypost.com/dpp/news/science_tech/fact-or-fiction%3F-the-hype-surrounding-solar-storms#ixzz1bk1Kbe00

    • Thanks, Reap! I think you’re probably right. I wonder how long it would take to recover from a big solar flare?

  2. Some people think that we will keep advancing our technology until it is just about good enough to maintain us on the planet in comfort and keep us entertained, and then we will hit a plateau and just stop improving things, while we sit around living in virtual realities while nano machines feed nutrients into our bodies.

    Personally, I don’t believe it: we’re born explorers and we’ll always go further. The main question is whether we’ll survive long enough to mature, secure our own future and move onward in full awareness of the risks inherent in our nature. Irrational superstitions are not exactly helping with this goal, which is why they irritate me a lot.

    As for solar flares, if one really did take everything out, I think people would be shocked at the effect it would have. My guess is that you’d need a lot more than neighbourly spirit to get over it, and I find the prospect of, for example, the police losing all their technological tools, rather terrifying.

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