Yes, i have irrational beliefs!

Moments after writing my previous post about the human brain and its tendency to hold irrational beliefs, i discovered one of my own irrational beliefs.

I am making a pumpkin risotto (yes, right now! cooking and blogging, ftw!) and i realised that we don’t have any white wine. My partner suggested using red wine instead and i immediately stated that it wouldn’t work. Why? Do i have an irrational belief that you can only use white wine in risotto?

I have no scientific data that says white wine is better than red wine. The best i can come up with is: “it feels wrong”. I have an Availability Bias that every risotto recipe i can remember has always used white wine.

We all have irrational beliefs, and most of them are harmless. The point at which irrational beliefs become something to worry about is when they wish injustice, suffering or death upon other people. Or when they indoctrinate children to fear their natural impulses and feel guilt and shame for just being who they are. Or when they make people stop taking necessary medicine and get sick and die. Or when they make people repeat information which has been proved to be false, which misleads other people.

I’m glad to have discovered one of my irrational beliefs, and i’ll be looking out for more of them in the future. I’ll be happy if i find that all of them are just as harmless. I’m also eager to test my bias now that i’ve found it, so i’m about to put red wine into my pumpkin risotto. I’ll let you know how that works out! :)

Pumpkin risotto


It worked out really well! i even think i prefer it with red wine! Hooray for discarding irrational beliefs! :D


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