Hampshire humanists going from strength to strength!

A little over a year ago, my friend Sarah and i decided to start a meetup group for humanists, secularists, atheists and agnostics to get together and chat informally over a cup of coffee. We started meeting on sunday mornings at Green’s Wine Bar, Jewry Street, Winchester.

From a small beginning with nothing but a bit of tweeting and word of mouth, we now have a regular meetup on the first sunday of each month, usually with about 15-20 people attending. It attracts a lovely bunch of people who all enjoy making conversation together. We usually eat breakfast there and spend the whole morning chatting. If one of us is going through a difficult time, the others are there to provide support and practical help. Today one of the group brought cakes to share, to celebrate another person’s birthday! There were 4 kids there today, who played games with each other!

We are planning a humanist picnic, walk and afternoon of music making on saturday 16th june. Contact me if you’re interested in coming along! We also want to do a stargazing night up at Farley Mount in the near future!

In fact, the group is going so well, we’re planning to start another one in Southampton. A lot of us feel that once a month isn’t enough, and we know there are some people in Southampton who would like to come, but find it difficult to get to Winchester. So i’m thinking a mid-month humanist meetup in Southampton would be great! Same informal format: just turn up if you’re interested. Possibly at the Art House, which opens at midday on a sunday. Maybe start in two weeks: on the 20th may? :)

Please follow @hantshumanist on twitter for news and updates!

6 comments on “Hampshire humanists going from strength to strength!

  1. So pleased to have been able to come along today and to bring my son too! Thank you for creating what has now become a lovely group of people :)

    By the way, I think there’s a typo above – it’s 16th June, not 6th…

  2. It’s great to have such a get together and express your views with people who think alike. Do let me know if something like this comes up in Austin. I’ll be there for sure.

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