Wow, my blog is back!

Did you miss me?!

I am very upset about this downtime of more than 24 hours – not about my blog being down, but MyChores site itself which people have come to trust and rely upon. It’s still not back yet. :( I have written about what went wrong on the MyChores Journal … can’t be bothered to go through it all again here now.

Well, at least the blogs came back – that’s something. But as i suspected, i have lost data. They say that one backup restore failed so they have gone to a different one. Bad HostingRails, very bad. You’d think they would have alternative servers prepared and ready to go; you don’t expect more than 24 hours downtime from a company that boasts 99.9% uptime. Let’s hope MyChores is at least back up and running soon.



I am now up with the WordPress 2.5 and my lovely new theme from I love it! Nice and calm and blue! I do like pale blue websites, although this is possibly a little bit cold, what do you think?

I think i have found a better OpenID plugin – i’d be grateful of some test comments to see if it works for you. It no longer tries to register you on this site … it just takes your URL and authenticates with OpenID if it can. I think that’s sensible.

Oh, they really have done well on this new WordPress! I just noticed how easy it is to upload/insert an image. Very neat! I’ll upgrade soon too! :)

Nice day! :)

I have come a long way with the WordPress 2.5 and i really like it! It’s a much cleaner layout for the admin area. I also found a wonderful template from so i like it way more than the current theme i have. I’d put it up tonight except i know if anything goes wrong i won’t be able to sleep until i’ve fixed it, lol! I shall do it tomorrow.

Today i bought a ukelele! :D For £12.95 – bargain!! A colleague at work bought one recently and it seems a fun instrument to learn!

The author of Kittens for Dummies uses MyChores! :) I only found out today when i received this testimonial:

As a writer I live by deadlines. MyChores helps me keep track of the dates that articles and projects are due. I couldn’t operate without it.

Dusty Rainbolt

I followed the link and that’s what i found! :)

Kittens for Dummies

Now i need to get a copy and get Dusty to sign it, heheh! ;)

Oh, one more thing … i have completed my 43 days without chocolate! I am still going for another 3 days though. Whoever said there were 40 days in Lent was wrong!

A plan for the holidays

I have just thought of something useful i can do over the holidays: upgrade WordPress and investigate K2.

Something really important is to get the OpenID commenting working again, however i have to do that, even if i have to say “please log in with OpenID before making a comment”. K2 looks great, but i’ve just seen there is a brand new 2.5 preview of WordPress which might be worth a go. It talks about one-click plugin upgrades which is something i really wanted from K2. I’ll have a play and see what works best!

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A whole lot of nothing much

I found a very good picture of Hockley Viaduct on that site which i shall not name because it comes from that company. I hadn’t even appreciated how long the viaduct is! This is a very good shot:

Hockley Viaduct from the air

Nat went out into town with some friends this afternoon and i was going to make vegan ginger cookies, but randomly ended up installing WordPress 2.3.1 instead, lol! Now i find i have the choice between categories and tags, which is confusing. Up until now i have been using categories as tags. I could either transfer the categories all to tags, or transfer some of them to tags, keeping the broader subjects as categories … or i could carry on as i am, which is what i’m going to do for the time being anyway! What do other WordPress bloggers do?

Nat bought us some Tick Tock Rooibos tea, which is yum yum delicious! I think i’ll have to get some of this to keep at work. I always liked Rooibos, but this surpasses all the brands i have tried before. I am drinking some right now.

It has been a nice weekend, but rather tiring. I’ll look forward to going back to work for a break, haha! The last three weekends in a row have been somewhat hectic. Hopefully we’ll get one to ourselves next weekend, probably the last one before Christmas.

Permalinks and comments

I have downloaded and installed the Better Feed plugin, tinkered with it a little. I hope it will encourage my LiveJournal readers to come to my blog rather than commenting on the syndicated feed on LiveJournal. I don’t get any notifications if comments are made there, so with any luck this will include a link, both to say how many comments there are so far, and to direct readers here to make a comment.

Suzie has been taken to Southampton. The journey was a bit stressful, but i am confident that Suzie will settle down and be very happy with my friend for two weeks. Everything is in order so far for the holiday.

How neat is this?!


It’s a tool for the sidebar that collects flags when people visit from around the world. Hopefully it won’t slow down the page loading like that Flickr sidebar gadget did. You can get one here. Thanks again to Cheryl, on whose blog i found it. Cheryl has all the best sidebar widgets! :)

Update: Sweet! I just aquired a US flag! :)

Upgraded WordPress!

Whew! I survived my first WordPress upgrade! I’m glad it was only a security fix and nothing serious – i needed an easy one for the first go. So i am now up on WordPress 2.2.2 with no problems. I even made good use of the Maintenance Mode plugin whilst i was upgrading and fixing a little problem with my .htaccess file.

Step 3 of the upgrade document recommends making a post about the upgrade, hence why i am writing this!! :D

I am also preparing to migrate across to WordPress, because i think it’s so much nicer to use that Typo. Plus, Typo has been going horribly wrong on me lately and i don’t know how to fix it. At least with WordPress, if i get any problems i think i’ll have more of a chance of fixing them.

In the meantime i have not actually done any chores!

The big plan

In this exciting day and age of dispersing away from LiveJournal, i have come up with a plan.

  1. I will post in this blog alone. At the moment i’m not sure whether i will post in communities.
  2. Anyone is welcome to follow the RSS feed, syndicating it on other journals if they wish.
  3. I can use Bloglines to follow friends and communities wherever they are.
  4. I have accounts at LiveJournal, DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal and Blurty. I would create one at Scribblit and JournalFen, but it seems to be turned off at those sites at the moment.
  5. I will use OpenID to comment wherever i can, or else use my ID at that site if OpenID is not enabled, or if the entry has anonymous commenting turned off.

The more i think about it, the more ridiculous it seems that OpenID is treated the same as anonymous. Because it is in fact the complete opposite! Brad Fitzpatrick went to all this trouble to design a way of authenticating and proving you are the same person across multiple sites, and yet for years it has been given the same status as anonymous commenting. That’s beyond ironic!

The only thing i’m worried about in this plan is becoming flooded by cross-posted entries. Maybe not in personal journals; i hope people will give an indication of which is their main journal … but i can see the potential for community cross-posting increasing exponentially!

All packed up and gone from LiveJournal!

I have made my closing post at LiveJournal. I have changed my profile page there to simply give a comment that i made in the news community earlier today:

LiveJournal, i loved you but i hate what you have become since Six Apart took over. I have just HAD ENOUGH. You’ve pushed me too far this time. I’m going it alone where i am free to post what i want without fear of idiotic censorship and such cruel insensitivity.

Happily, thanks to the wonders of RSS and OpenID (which is, by the way, one of the best inventions the Internet has ever seen – thank you Brad!) i will not miss LJ. I’m better off without you.

I’d tell you to sort out your priorities, but it seems clear that you have done that, and they are unfortunately not the kind of priorities that i wish to be associated with. So this is goodbye.

Ahhh, it feels so good. It’s like i’ve moved house, and now i’m able to settle into my luxurious new blog that is all my own.

The spam is still going on in the LJ news community. Two posts have already been filled up to their limit (5000 comments) and the next one only has 1000 comments to go. Still nothing from Six Apart. Except they did manage to make a joke about it in a completely separate post. Sickening behaviour.

Heh, this latest outbreak of drama has already been noted on Wikipedia:

On 3rd August 2007 the controversy reignited when two users’ journals were deleted due to posting of explicit fan art. In both cases LiveJournal claimed the artwork contain depictions of minors engaging in sexual situations. As of 4th August LiveJournal had not made a statement to its users, despite several thousand complaint posts being made on Livejournal’s News community

We also managed to break the LJ servers temporarily. There was at least half an hour, probably more, when we were getting databases all over the place. I would have laughed if that had lasted longer. This is starting to affect everyone, and just gives all the more reason for more people to up and leave.

In other news, i did manage to get out today. It’s amazingly beautiful weather today, far too good to stay indoors bitching at LiveJournal all day! My partner and i went out for a nice walk down to Sainsburys and back! :)