Gowalla pins

As of Monday, 5th July, these are the 38 pins currently available on Gowalla, grouped by category. I just made this because it’s sometimes hard to see what all the pins are at a glance.

If you’re curious about Gowalla, see my other introductory post: Gowalla tips.

Installing Gowalla

I Installed Gowalla I Installed Gowalla

Checking in

Wanderer Wanderer Check in at 5 different Spots to receive the Wanderer Pin.
Sightseer Sightseer Check in at 10 different Spots to receive the Sightseer Pin.
Ranger Ranger Check in at 25 different Spots to receive the Ranger Pin.
Discoverer Discoverer Check in at 50 different Spots to earn the Discoverer Pin.
Explorer Explorer Check in at 100 different Spots to receive the Explorer Pin.
Wayfarer Wayfarer Check in at 250 different Spots to receive the Wayfarer Pin.
Voyager Voyager Check in at 500 different Spots to receive the Voyager Pin.
Epic Voyager Epic Voyager Check in at 1,000 different spots to receive the Epic Voyager Pin!

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Gowalla tips

Gowalla.com is a location game that you can play on internet-enabled mobile devices. At its most basic, it involves visiting places and sharing them with your friends, but there’s a lot more to it than that. There are many different ways of using Gowalla, and i don’t think everybody knows about them all. So i thought i’d share what i’ve found out so far.

Gowalla homepage

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