Looking forward to Scottish Ruby Conference

I'm attending Scottish Ruby Conference

I’m now getting rather excited about Scottish Ruby Conference! Not least because i’ve never been to Scotland before! I’ll be travelling up with Chris, James, Steve (tooky), Tris and Enrique. We’ve hired a car and we’ll take it in turns to drive. I’m looking forward to beautiful views on the way and plenty of geeky chat no doubt! ;)

At SRC i will very likely talk to anyone who will listen about the delights of Linux Mint on my MacBook. I dual-booted it recently and i love using Mint for my everyday operating system. Sure, Mac OSX is nice, but i just feel right at home with Linux. Being a crafter is all about the tools you use, isn’t it? :) I’m planning a blog post soon explaining how to install it and configure it for a MacBook, complete with pictures.