A slow, lazy Caturday

Firstly, today’s Caturday picture is extremely special because it features Lola’s cat, Ivan!

Can someone hand me the 12mm socket?

Such a cutie!! :)

I was thinking of going to Basingstoke today but maybe i can’t be bothered. I haven’t really decided, which probably means i will end up not going. Perhaps i’ll just look around Winchester instead. I have a £50 M&S voucher, which i’d like to turn into a nice Winter coat, but the M&S in Winchester is rather small.

I have totally come around to Facebook now! What i love about it is the integration possibilities, with the myriad of plugins that people have written. Facebook is good in that you don’t really have to think about what you’re trying to do; you just do it. That’s high praise for any application. I found i can use Facebook as a portal to other weblications. So on my profile i have some Flickr photos, my Twitter status and my latest three blog entries. I have MyChores making a Twitter update when i complete chores, and Twitter, in turn, updates my Facebook status!

It seems obvious that i’m going to need to do a MyChores Facebook application of some sort – i just need to work out what it will be.

Speaking of MyChores, i made a Google Spreadsheet this morning, just braindump some ideas that have been floating around my head for a while. If anyone’s interested, you can find the spreadsheet here.



Oh, i haven’t done a Caturday picture for several weeks. Let’s have two tonight:




I am on holiday for two weeks! Tomorrow we set off for Hungary. We will be staying at a hotel in Budapest. I am hoping to do a whole lot of nothing, read some books, do some cross-stitch, go for walks, see the city … it should be lovely. Most of all i’m looking forward to not having to worry about work, and all the stress that goes with it.

I am spending the morning getting things organised, and maybe doing a few chores if i get time! I have taken our plants upstairs to the balcony above, where they are going to be looked after for two weeks. This afternoon i am taking Suzie to Southampton to a good friend who is going to take care of our precious hamster. I think we might get to watch Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire too! :)

We’ll be back on Caturday, two weeks from today. I’ll probably manage to post a couple of times from an Internet cafe in Budapest.


A nice lazy Caturday

Hide and seek cat

At Liam’s request i have enabled the img tag in comments, so feel free to post your own cat macros in response! ;)

Today is a nice slow-going day. I have loads of chores to do, but don’t much care. It’s a long weekend – there’s plenty of time! ;) I went out into town with my partner this morning, and spent a lovely time wandering around the charity shops, not buying anything!

My parents are about to come round and drive us up to the garden centre where we shall buy some potting soil for our nasturtiums which are growing at a ridiculously fast rate! Since we also have a £10 gift voucher we might treat ourselves to some other flowers to go on the balcony.

Oh, and i have heard some wonderful news: John Williams hopes to do the music for the final Harry Potter film! That makes me soooooo happy! John Williams is my favourite modern composer, and it will be lovely to return to John’s themes for the last one. Not that i’m unhappy with Nicholas Hooper; i love the soundtrack to Order of the Phoenix and i’m looking forward to hearing what Nicholas does with Half-Blood Prince.

Cadbury's Wispa

I just heard on XFM that Cadbury’s are going to be re-launching Wispa, after a long, hard campaign to bring back the chocolate bar of which Dairy Milk Bubbly is an extremely poor substitute.

What i want to know is … when are they going to bring back the Fuse bar?!??!! I really miss that lovely chocolate bar!

In other news …

It’s Caturday!!!!!!!



Thanks to my partner for finding this little gem for me! :)

I am attempting to post from flickr, which could be interesting – i’m not entirely sure how this will turn out.

LOLCODE is the awesome programming language used by cats, inspired by those LOLcat macros that appear all over the place, especially on Caturdays! I also found a wonderful post about the grammatical structures of the LOLcat dialect! It’s very amusing, but also entirely serious! LOLcat is becoming a distinct, recognisable, predictable English dialect! We should all be talking to our cats in LOLcat! :)

Back to the LOLCODE, here is a beautiful function for hugs time:


BTW HUGSTIME? is system functions for determining hugs time

BTW NAO is automagically set to time right now

	VISIBLE "</3"


Hugs Time


This is EXACTLY how i feel today:

Ahhhh, Caturday

Having a very lovely day, got all my chores done early, and enjoying time with a good friend today. We had a lovely walk around Winchester, which looked especially beautiful in all this sunshine, and enjoyed listening to a great jazz band in the high street! Today i feel particularly aware of why i love living in Winchester! :D